Contract Killers

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Contract Killers
Contract killers post.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJustin B. Rhodes
Written byRic Moxley
Justin B. Rhodes
Produced byG. Anthony Joseph
StarringFrida Farrell
Nick Mancuso
Rhett Giles
Brewier Welch
Wolf Muser
Paul Cram
CinematographyAndre Lascaris
Edited byJustin B. Rhodes
Music byMichael Mouracade
Birch Tree Productions
Distributed byBirch Tree Entertainment
Release date
  • July 2008 (2008-07) (Action On Film Festival)[1]
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States

Contract Killers is a 2008 action film about a female assassin on the run from the law. The film was directed by Justin B. Rhodes, and stars Frida Farrell,[2] Nick Mancuso, and Rhett Giles with an appearance by Paul Cram.


A hitman works for the CIA.


  • Frida Farrell as "Jane"
  • Nick Mancuso as "Witkoff"
  • Steve Boergadine as "Winston Scott"
  • Paul Cram as "Chuck Dittmer"
  • Rhett Giles as "Purnell"
  • G. Anthony Joseph as "Monoven"
  • Wolf Muser as "Targonsky"
  • Christian Willis as "Lars"


Brent Simon, writing for Shared Darkness said, "There's no cool, breezy Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type snappishness here, and the film isn't briskly shot or slickly constructed enough to stack up with any of the Bourne films, a wayward spy series that it clearly wants to emulate."[3]


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