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Collegiate Baseball Newspaper (also known as Collegiate Baseball Magazine and Collegiate Baseball) was an American publication based in Arizona that considers itself the "voice of amateur baseball" which has been published for over 40 years. The publication gives out several awards: Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year, Collegiate Baseball Coach of the Year, and Collegiate Baseball All-Americans.[citation needed]

It is published twice a month from January until June, and then once each in September and October.[1]

The "Collegiate Baseball" newspaper poll is college sports' oldest baseball poll.[2][3] A ranking of the top 30 teams is released prior to the season, weekly throughout the season, and after the conclusion of the College World Series. It started with the 1957 college baseball season.[2][3] The publication has ceased operation as of November 2023.

Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year[edit]

The Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year award is given to the best player in NCAA Division I. It was first awarded in 1984.[citation needed]

Player of the Year
Season Player Position Team
1984 Oddibe McDowell OF Arizona State
1985 Pete Incaviglia OF Oklahoma State
1986 Greg Swindell P Texas
1987 Marteese Robinson 1B Seton Hall
Robin Ventura 3B Oklahoma State
1988 Andy Benes P Evansville
1989 Scott Bryant UT Texas
Ben McDonald P Louisiana State
1990 Mike Kelly OF Arizona State
1991 Bobby Jones P Fresno State
1992 Lloyd Peever P Louisiana State
1993 Brooks Kieschnick UT Texas
1994 Ryan Jackson UT Duke
1995 Todd Helton UT Tennessee
Mark Kotsay OF Cal State Fullerton
1996 Kris Benson P Clemson
1997 J. D. Drew OF Florida State
1998 Kevin Mench OF Delaware
1999 Jason Jennings UT Baylor
2000 Kip Bouknight P South Carolina
2001 Mark Prior P Southern California
2002 Khalil Greene SS Clemson
2003 Rickie Weeks 2B Southern
2004 Jered Weaver P Long Beach State
2005 Shane Robinson OF Florida State
2006 Kellen Kulbacki OF James Madison
Wes Roemer P Cal State Fullerton
2007 David Price P Vanderbilt
Tony Thomas, Jr. INF Florida State
2008 Buster Posey C Florida State
2009 Stephen Strasburg P San Diego State
2010 Chris Sale P Florida Gulf Coast
2011 Trevor Bauer P UCLA
2012 Nick Petree P Missouri State
2013 Kris Bryant 3B San Diego
2014 A. J. Reed 3B/P Kentucky
2015 Andrew Benintendi OF Arkansas
2016 Eric Lauer P Kent State
2017 Brendan McKay 1B/P Louisville
Brent Rooker 1B Mississippi State
2018 Bren Spillane 1B/OF Illinois
2019 Adley Rutschman C Oregon State
2020 Nick Gonzales SS New Mexico State
2021 Kevin Kopps RP Arkansas
2022 Ivan Melendez 1B Texas

Collegiate Baseball Coach of the Year[edit]

The Collegiate Baseball Coach of the Year award is given to the best coach in NCAA Division I. It was first awarded in 1980.[citation needed]

Coach of the Year
Season Coach Team
1980 Jerry Kindall Arizona
1981 Jim Brock Arizona State
1982 Ron Fraser Miami (FL)
1983 Cliff Gustafson Texas
1984 Augie Garrido Cal State Fullerton
1985 Ron Fraser Miami (FL)
1986 Jerry Kindall Arizona
1987 Mark Marquess Stanford
1988 Larry Cochell Cal State Fullerton
1989 Dave Snow Long Beach State
1990 Steve Webber Georgia
1991 Skip Bertman Louisiana State
1992 Andy Lopez Pepperdine
1993 Skip Bertman Louisiana State
1994 Larry Cochell Oklahoma
1995 Augie Garrido Cal State Fullerton
1996 Skip Bertman Louisiana State
Andy Lopez Florida
1997 Skip Bertman Louisiana State
1998 Mike Batesole Cal State Northridge
Mike Gillespie Southern California
1999 Jim Morris Miami (FL)
2000 Skip Bertman Louisiana State
2001 Jim Morris Miami
2002 Augie Garrido Texas
2003 Wayne Graham Rice
2004 George Horton Cal State Fullerton
2005 Augie Garrido Texas
2006 Pat Casey Oregon State
2007 Pat Casey Oregon State
2008 Mike Batesole Fresno State
2009 Paul Mainieri Louisiana State
2010 Ray Tanner South Carolina
2011 Ray Tanner South Carolina
2012 Andy Lopez Arizona
2013 John Savage UCLA
2014 Tim Corbin Vanderbilt
2015 Brian O'Connor Virginia
2016 Gary Gilmore Coastal Carolina
2017 Kevin O'Sullivan Florida
2018 Pat Casey Oregon State
2019 Tim Corbin Vanderbilt
2020 Mike Bianco Ole Miss
2021 Tim Corbin Vanderbilt
2022 Mike Bianco Ole Miss
2023 Jay Johnson LSU

Collegiate Baseball All-Americans[edit]

The Collegiate Baseball All-Americans award is given to the best players at various positions in NCAA Division I. It was first awarded in 1981.[citation needed]

Collegiate Baseball Freshmen All-Americans[edit]

Louisville Slugger's Freshmen All-American Baseball Team[edit]

See footnote[4]

Collegiate Baseball Freshman Pitcher of the Year[edit]

Beginning in 2016, the magazine began awarding honors to freshman starting pitchers and freshman relief pitchers.

Collegiate Baseball Freshman Player of the Year[edit]

Before 2005, there was not a specific award known as the "Freshmen Pitcher of the Year." Rather, there were multiple Players of the Year awarded each season.

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