Coat of arms of Sermersooq

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Coat of arms of Sermersooq
BlazonAn inuksuk (cairn, or pile of stones)

The coat of arms of Sermersooq is the municipal logo and only symbol of Sermersooq, a Municipality of Greenland. The coat of arms was adopted in 2008, a year before Sermersooq became a subdivision of Greenland.[1]


The arms show an inuksuk (rock stack or cairn) in dark blue against a golden sun on a light blue field, standing on a white line representing an icesheet over stylized waves of blue and white. The inuksuk is an historical way of marking the roads in Greenland.[2] The ice sheet covers most of Greenland, and the waves are for the water beneath it.[1]

The arms are often depicted with a white background instead of a light blue one, as on the Sermersooq municipal website Archived 2018-03-10 at the Wayback Machine.

Notes and references[edit]

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