Central Revolutionary Committee

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Central Revolutionary Committee
Comité révolutionnaire central
FounderÉdouard Vaillant
Founded1881; 142 years ago (1881)
Dissolved1898; 125 years ago (1898)
Merged intoSocialist Revolutionary Party
Political positionLeft-wing
Colours  Red

The Central Revolutionary Committee (French: Comité révolutionnaire central, CRC) was a French Blanquist political party founded in 1881 and dissolved in 1898.

The CRC was founded by Édouard Vaillant to continue the political struggle of Auguste Blanqui (1805–1881). It was weakened by a split in 1888, when numerous members including Henri Rochefort followed General Georges Ernest Boulanger who synthesized Jacobin nationalism with socialism and many saw Boulangism as a possible way to socialism. Following the Boulangist dissidence, Vaillant re-centered the party around the idea of syndicalism and strike. The CRC was further reinforced in 1896 by the affiliation of the Revolutionary Communist Alliance (ACR), formed by dissidents of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Party (POSR).

The CRC was dissolved into the Socialist Revolutionary Party in 1898.

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