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quote: "Individuals should not be placed in this category"[edit]

Regarding the stipulation "Individuals should not be placed in this category" — who decided on that as a rule? Was it ever discussed?

For minor-school college basketball players' articles with no school category, e.g. (Bart Kofoed, who by the way did play college basketball)) this is the default category. If one wants to take the initiative to further create sub-categories, feel free, but in the meantime please don't just altogether DELETE them. Best course of action is to leave them be until a sub-category is created for them. Personal agendas are great but kindly allow them open for discussion so a definitive solution can be ironed out (so far this is the first post in "talk:College basketball players"!).


time to split men and women?[edit]

We're at that awkward stage where the subcategory list goes over 200 articles, and thus to a second page. Is it time to break these up into "College men's basketball players" and "College women's basketball players" as is done with the coaches? Shouldn't take very long to do.--Mike Selinker 14:22, 30 April 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]