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Category:Style guidelines of WikiProject contains style advice adopted by a WikiProject (rather than the whole community). To place your page in this category, add {{WikiProject style advice}} to the top of the page.

WikiProjects are encouraged to write advice pages related to their area. Such pages are non-binding and not "official" guidelines—and as such, can be adopted by the general agreement of the members, rather than the whole community—but they often contain very good advice. See Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Guide#Advice_pages for more information.

If a style page that was originally written by members of a WikiProject has since received general consensus from the entire community through the procedures listed at WP:PROPOSAL, then the WikiProject style guideline additionally may be categorized as an English Wikipedia style guideline or a Manual of Style guideline. For a short introduction on how to go from proposal to style guideline, see WP:PROPOSAL. Please post a message at both WT:Manual of Style and WT:WikiProject Manual of Style if you would like to propose your WikiProject style guideline as an official Wikipedia style guideline.

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