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Use the {{Uncategorized}} tag to put articles in this category. Optionally add a date parameter such as {{Uncategorized|date=March 2023}} to add it into the by-date categories. Another way to do this is {{subst:Uncat}}. A bot will sort any that are not given the date parameter.

This category exists primarily as an aid to bots and other automated processes.

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Everyone who wants to work (or already works) on categorizing articles that are uncategorized may be interested in joining the task force at Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories/uncategorized. Sign up and be a part of the team!

Hints and tips[edit]

  • To minimize backlog time, prioritize the oldest remaining monthly categories first whenever possible; the current month should be the lowest priority until there are no earlier monthly categories left.
  • Use the most specific category you can find and remember that an article can often be placed in multiple categories.
  • Look at similar articles to see what categories are available.
  • Remember to use the birth/death/living categories for articles about people (especially Category:Living people). However, an article which has these categories on it still requires at least one nationality/occupation category; if you're adding these categories but aren't sure what else is appropriate, then add {{improve categories}} as well.
  • Help other editors working on the backlog by categorizing articles even if you nominate or propose them for deletion.
  • When in doubt, use a temporary higher-level category and place them in Category:Articles needing additional categories. Try to leave a message on the article's talk page so that future editors can refine the categorization.
  • Stub and maintenance categories are considered only "temporary" categories; stubbed articles should be included in permanent categories as soon as possible. An article is not considered to be properly categorized if it does not have at least one permanent content category on it. An article is also not properly categorized if it contains redlinked categories which don't actually exist; either find or create an appropriate category, as articles cannot be left sitting in redlinked categories.
  • Note as well that this project relies on largely automated tools to help locate uncategorized articles. It is impossible for a tool of this type to properly detect whether a page has categories that are artificially transcluded by templates; rather, they will detect as "uncategorized" any page which does not directly contain at least one explicit category declaration of its own. Categorization policy, further, explicitly deprecates the use of templates to artificially transclude primary content categories onto articles; if you come across a page which has a transcluded category but does not have a properly declared one, you must explicitly declare the transcluded category onto the article and may not simply remove the uncategorized tag until this has been done.
  • You may occasionally find articles which have no visible categories in view mode, but do have non-hidden category tags present in edit mode. This usually suggests a coding error in the article, such as a <ref>, <nowiki> or <gallery> tag which has not been correctly closed. In such cases, note where the text which is visible in view mode ends; the coding error will most likely be at or near that place in the text. If you still cannot locate it, you may solicit assistance from another member of this project.
  • There is also a known system bug by which if a vandal removes the categories from an article (or blanks it entirely), and this vandalism is then reverted by a bot instead of a human editor, even with everything seemingly back to normal the page will still get flagged as "uncategorized" by the categorization project's automated detection tools. If you encounter an "uncategorized" page which is properly categorized, do a null edit on the page to drop it from the uncategorized list; do not simply ignore the problem, as it creates clutter that interferes with the project tools.
  • Not all articles listed here are worthy of inclusion in Wikipedia. If the notability is doubtful add a {{notability}} tag or put it up for deletion.

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