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Pages in this category have a footnotes error that usually display a MediaWiki message starting with Cite error:. See Help:Cite errors for further information.

  • If an error message does not display, a reference starting with a <ref> tag may be missing a closing </ref> tag. This may also occur when it is a self-closing tag. Sometimes the reference will be <ref name="xyz" />. If there is no content after the tag that should be a reference and there is no slash (/) before the last bracket, then that could be the problem.
  • The problem might also be that there are nested ref tags. This can include having, for example, {{sfn}} tags inside <ref> and </ref>. The solution could be to delete the <ref> and </ref> tags or convert the {{sfn}} into a {{harvn}} tag for example.

The pages Template:Broken ref, Help:Cite errors and subpages contain deliberate errors and do not need to be repaired.

If you fix an error, you can leave this edit summary if you wish:
[[CAT:REF]] Fixed incorrect references formatting – [[:Category:Pages with incorrect ref formatting|You can help!]]

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