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ITU-T Recommendations are the names given to telecommunications and computer protocol specification documents published by the Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) of the International Telecommunication Union.

Series Description
A Organization of the work of ITU-T
B Means of expression: definitions, symbols, classification
C General telecommunication statistics
D General tariff principles
E Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors
F Non-telephone telecommunication services
G Transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks
H Audiovisual and multimedia systems
I Integrated services digital network
J Cable networks and transmission of television, sound programme and other multimedia signals
K Protection against interference
L Construction, installation and protection of cables and other elements of outside plant
M Telecommunication management, including TMN and network maintenance
N Maintenance: international sound programme and television transmission circuits
O Specifications of measuring equipment
P Telephone transmission quality, telephone installations, local line networks
Q Switching and signalling
R Telegraph transmission
S Telegraph services terminal equipment
T Terminals for telematic services
U Telegraph switching
V Data communication over the telephone network
X Data networks, open system communications and security
Y Global information infrastructure, Internet protocol aspects, next-generation networks, Internet of Things and smart cities
Z Languages and general software aspects for telecommunication systems

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