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This category contains all images that have probably been tagged using the {{bsr}} ("Better Source Requested") template. Images in this category typically will have a URL like "" which is to be considered a generic URL, but not an actual link to an HTML page where the image is used. Or, the image source URL may be the actual link on the website to the actual image, and not an HTML page.

However, it does not need to be the case that images are given a source by a URL. They could be given a source by saying something similar to: "Source: United States Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell AFB Alabama" while informative and useful, doesn't really help fellow editors determine the copyright status of the image. Most likely, the image was taken from a website so a URL should be given if this is the case.

In order to verify copyright information, source urls given should link to the HTML (or similar page, PHP, etc) where the image is used. A user then attempting to find the copyright status would then be able to go from the page that it is used on and find information about the image, if the page does not have such information.

This category and template were created so that an editor could mark the tag and notify the uploader who likely would have the easiest time in finding the source page from where they found the image. Once the uploader, or anyone, adds a better source URL, the tag can be removed and the image will be removed from this category.

An image in this category is NOT eligible for speedy deletion because of the poor sourcing information. However, an image that has no source should be tagged with {{subst:nsd}} tag and this tag removed.


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