Category:Ethnic groups articles needing reassessment

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Zuni girl; photograph by Edward S. Curtis, 1903

This category contains articles flagged as needing an independent reassessment or validation of its current rating, in the WikiProject Ethnic groups article assessment and rating scheme.

Articles are automatically placed in this category if the reassess parameter flag is set to a value of "yes" on the {{Ethnic groups}} project banner attached to the article's talk page. Once the article has been reassessed (the reassess flag would generally be used to request an independent or second-opinion of an article's rating after it had undergone some major updates, for example), the reassess flag should be removed. Articles are automatically placed in category:Ethnic groups articles by quality sub- categories according to the particular class rating which has been assigned after an assessment by a Project team member. This should reflect the member's assessment of the article's quality at that point in time- if the quality of an article has subsequently changed, or the assessment could otherwise be re-evaluated, then the article's class rating may (at any time) be revised. Revisions of assessment ratings are done by assigning an appropriate value via the class parameter in the WikiProject Ethnic groups project banner {{Ethnic groups}}. This project banner is placed at the top of these articles' talk pages. Please see the Project's article rating and assessment scheme for more information and the details and criteria for each rating value, or enquire at the Project's main discussion board for assistance.

This category is a self-reference, and as such does not pertain to encyclopedic content, but rather is used by the Project to categorize its workload.