Carmichael Professor of Ancient Indian History and Culture

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The Carmichael Chair of Ancient Indian History and Culture is a history professorship in the University of Calcutta, India; its holder is known as Carmichael Professor. The post was created by Ashutosh Mukherjee in 1912 after Baron Carmichael the then Governor of Bengal. The German Indologist George Thibaut was the first to be appointed a Carmichael Professor.[1]

List of Carmichael Professors[edit]

Name Term
1912[1] George Thibaut 1912–1914
1917[1] D. R. Bhandarkar 1917–1936
1936[1] Hem Chandra Raychaudhuri 1936–1952
1962 Dineshchandra Sircar 1962–1972
1975 B. N. Mukherjee 1975–1998


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