Canarian Nationalist Left

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Canarian Nationalist Left
Izquierda Nacionalista Canaria
LeaderOswaldo Brito[1]
Founded1986 (1986)
Dissolved1987 (1987)
Merger ofCanarian Nationalist Autonomous Confederation
Merged intoCanarian Nationalist Assembly
IdeologyCanarian nationalism
Trade union affiliationSindicato Obrero Canario (SOC)

Canarian Nationalist Left (Spanish: Izquierda Nacionalista Canaria, INC) was a Canarian left-wing nationalist political party operating in the Canary Islands.


INC emerged from the Canarian Nationalist Autonomous Confederation (CANC), and splinter group of the Canarian People's Union (UPC). In the 1987 Canarian elections INC run in a coalition with Canarian Assembly, gaining 46,229 votos (6.96%) and 2 seats. Later in the same year both parties merged and created the Canarian Nationalist Alternative.

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