Camas Bookstore and Infoshop

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Camas Collective Books and Infoshop in its former home

The Camas Bookstore and Infoshop is a not-for-profit infoshop located at 2620 Quadra Street in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


A collective which included Allan Antliff started off renting shelf space at Dark Horse Books in Victoria.[1] Camas was then established at 2590 Quadra Street on the corner of Kings Road, in September 2007.[2][3]

The infoshop is named after the camas plant (camassia quamash), which was grown by the local Lekwungen nation.[4] The project aimed to publicise social justice perspectives and to make solidarity links to social movements worldwide. The space was intended to be as accessible as possible.[3] Camas sells books and zines on the themes of anarchism, anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism. It is non-profit and supporting itself through book sales and events, such as exhibitions, readings and films.[1] Camas was raided by the Victoria Police Department in 2010. Four volunteers were detained whilst the police searched, taking away two computers.[3] The police were searching for evidence concerning vandalism of the mayor's house.[5]

In October 2012 Camas Books moved to a new location at 2620 Quadra, less than half a block away from the original location.[1] The store hosted a book launch for Ann Hansen's Taking the Rap: Women Doing Time for Society's Crimes in 2018.[6]

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