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The CFDICT project was started by David Houstin in 2010 and is maintained by a team on Chine Informations, with the aim to provide a complete Chinese to French dictionary with pronunciation in pinyin for the Chinese characters.


CFDICT is a text file; other programs (or simply Notepad or egrep or equivalent) are needed to search and display it. This project is considered a standard Chinese-French reference on the Internet and is used by several other Chinese-French projects. The Pleco Software uses CFDICT data for its Chinese-French Dictionary.[1]


The basic format of the CFDICT.xml file is:

     <py>Zhong1 guo2</py>
          <fr>Empire du Milieu</fr>

The format of the CFDICT.u8 file is:

Traditionnel Simplifié [pin1 yin1] /Traduction française 1/Traduction française 2/
中國 中国 [Zhong1 guo2] /Chine/Empire du Milieu/

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