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Prime Minister Bute

John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute, served as Prime Minister of Great Britain during 1762–1763. He was the first Tory Prime Minister since the Harley ministry during 1710–1714 though his ministry was largely made up of Whigs.

Bute resigned following fierce criticism of his signing of the Treaty of Paris with its perceived lenient terms for France and Spain despite Britain's successes in the Seven Years' War. The Bute ministry consisted largely of the same members as its successor, the Grenville ministry. George III favoured Bute, but could not keep him in government (Whiteley 1996, p. 44).


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office
*1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Chancellor of the Exchequer1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Secretary of State for the Southern Department1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Secretary of State for the Northern Department1762 (1762)1762 (1762)
1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Lord Chancellor1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Lord President of the Council1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
1763 (1763)1763 (1763)
Lord Privy Seal1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
First Lord of the Admiralty1762 (1762)1762 (1762)
1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Master-General of the Ordnance1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
1762 (1762)1763 (1763)
Lord Chamberlain1762 (1762)1762 (1762)
1762 (1762)1763 (1763)

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