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BuchGourmet (1987-2013) was an independent bookstore in Cologne, Germany, and during this time the oldest and biggest bookstore in Germany that focused solely on culinary media.

The owner, Dieter Eckel, opened a 45 square meter store in 1987 after being inspired by a "tiny" cookbook store in Amsterdam.[1][2] After a one-third expansion in 2009,[3] the business occupied 120 square meters on Hohenzollernring with five employees. It was Germany's oldest and largest purely cooking book retailer.[1]

BuchGourmet carried approximately 10,000 titles; Eckel orders between 500 and 1,000 new items a year, primarily from small and specialist presses, but at least one fifth of the stock consisted of used and antiquarian books. At least two fifths were in languages other than German.[1] Eckel also maintained a search list of some 450 items. Almost three quarters of the store's sales were made online, approximately 60 percent to culinary professionals, including chefs, pastrycooks, and bartenders.[1][3][4] It was called "a mecca for cooking fans, gourmets, foodies, cooking stars and cooking hobbyists".[5]

Eckel was one of the founders of the International Association of Cookbook Stores.[6]


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