Bruno Zumino

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Bruno Zumino
Born(1923-04-28)28 April 1923
Died21 June 2014(2014-06-21) (aged 91)
Alma materUniversity of Rome
Known forWess-Zumino model
Wess–Zumino–Witten model
Wess–Zumino consistency condition
Coleman–Wess–Zumino construction for nonlinear symmetries
Pure 4D N = 1 supergravity
AwardsDirac Medal (1987)
Heineman Prize (1988)
Max Planck Medal (1989)
Wigner Medal (1992)
Humboldt Prize (1992)
Enrico Fermi Prize (2005)
Scientific career
FieldsTheoretical physics
New York University

Bruno Zumino (28 April 1923 − 21 June 2014)[1] was an Italian theoretical physicist and faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his DSc degree from the University of Rome in 1945.[2]

He was renowned for his rigorous proof of the CPT theorem with Gerhart Lüders;[3] his pioneering systematization of effective chiral Lagrangians;[4] the discoveries, with Julius Wess, of the Wess–Zumino model,[5] the first four-dimensional supersymmetric quantum field theory with Bose-Fermi degeneracy, and initiator of the field of supersymmetric radiative restrictions; a concise formulation of supergravity;[6] and for his deciphering of structured flavour-chiral anomalies, codified in the Wess–Zumino–Witten model of conformal field theory.[7]


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