Board of Trade of City of Chicago v. Olsen

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Board of Trade of City of Chicago v. Olsen
Argued February 26, 1923
Decided April 16, 1923
Full case nameBoard of Trade of City of Chicago, et al. v. Olsen, U.S. Atty., et al.
Citations262 U.S. 1 (more)
43 S. Ct. 470; 67 L. Ed. 839
Case history
PriorBill in equity dismissed, N.D. Ill.
The Grain Futures Act did not exceed the powers of Congress under the Commerce Clause.
Court membership
Chief Justice
William H. Taft
Associate Justices
Joseph McKenna · Oliver W. Holmes Jr.
Willis Van Devanter · James C. McReynolds
Louis Brandeis · George Sutherland
Pierce Butler · Edward T. Sanford
Case opinions
MajorityTaft, joined by McKenna, Holmes, Van Devanter, Brandeis, Butler
DissentMcReynolds, Sutherland
Laws applied
U.S. Const. art. I, sec. 8, cl. 3; 42 Stat. 998, c. 369 (Grain Futures Act)

Board of Trade of City of Chicago v. Olsen, 262 U.S. 1 (1923), is a United States Supreme Court decision in which the Court upheld the Grain Futures Act as constitutional under the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution.[1]

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  1. ^ Board of Trade v. Olsen, 262 U.S. 1, 31-33 (1923).

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