Big Ten Medal of Honor

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Big Ten Medal of Honor
Awarded forGreatest Proficiency in Athletics and Scholastic Work
CountryUnited States
Presented byBig Ten Conference
First awarded1915
Currently held by28 each year (since 2014–15)

One of the most prestigious conference awards in college athletics, the Big Ten Medal of Honor was first awarded in 1915 to one student-athlete from the graduating class of each university who had "attained the greatest proficiency in athletics and scholastic work." The 14 institutions of the Big Ten feature over 10,000 student-athletes, more than any other conference, and only 28 of those individuals are recognized each year with the Big Ten Medal of Honor. In the nearly 100 years of the Medal of Honor, just over 1,300 student-athletes have earned this distinction.[1] The medal features the Latin phrase Mens fervida in corpore lacertoso ("a fervent mind in a vigorous body") on one side and the student's name and the phrase For Scholarship and Athletic Prowess on the reverse side.[2]


The award was first given in 1915. It was the first award in intercollegiate athletics to demonstrate support of the educational emphasis placed on athletics and honor those who embody the values of the "student athlete".[2] Although originally awarded only to male athletes, since 1982, a female athlete from each institution has also been recognized.

Notable recipients[edit]

The Big Ten Medal of Honor has been awarded to numerous decorated athletes[3][4][5] who achieved success after college both in athletics and beyond, including:

List of winners[edit]

Winners by year[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]
School Year Men's name Men's sport Women's name Women's sport
Chicago 1915 Francis T. Ward Track & Field
Illinois 1915 Edward A. Williford Basketball
Indiana 1915 Matthew Winters Baseball
Iowa 1915 Herman VonLackum Football
Minnesota 1915 Boles A. Rosenthal Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1915 Harold G. Osborn Track & Field
Ohio State 1915 Arthur S. Kiefer Football
Purdue 1915 Harry B. Routh Football
Wisconsin 1915 Martin Thomas Kennedy Rowing
Chicago 1916 Paul S. Russell Football
Illinois 1916 Elmo Paul Hohman Track & Field
Indiana 1916 George J. Shively Baseball
Iowa 1916 Forrest W. Deardorff Baseball
Minnesota 1916 Bernard W. Bierman Football/Basketball/Track & Field
Northwestern 1916 John Harvey Ellis Basketball
Ohio State 1916 Charles A. Carran Tennis
Purdue 1916 Paul L. Walter Football/Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1916 William Dow Harvey Track & Field
Chicago 1917 Daniel J. Fisher Track & Field
Illinois 1917 Clyde Godel Alwood Basketball
Indiana 1917 DeWitt T. Mullett Basketball
Iowa 1917 Wayne J. Foster Baseball
Minnesota 1917 Joseph M. Sprafka Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1917 Edgar Paul Williams Football
Ohio State 1917 Allen R. Rankin Track & Field
Purdue 1917 Melvin John Proud Football
Wisconsin 1917 Mead Burke Track & Field
Chicago 1918 Walter C. Earle Swimming & Diving
Illinois 1918 John Leo Klein Football/Baseball
Indiana 1918 Wilbur J. Dalzell Football/Wrestling
Iowa 1918 John VonLackum Football
Minnesota 1918 George W. Hauser Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1918 No Award
Ohio State 1918 Howard F. Yerges Football
Purdue 1918 Herbert L. Hart Football
Wisconsin 1918 Ebert Edward Simpson Jr. Basketball
Michigan 1918 Alan W. Boyd Football
Chicago 1919 William C. Gorgas Basketball
Illinois 1919 G. C. Gucheit Football
Indiana 1919 William M. Zeller Basketball
Iowa 1919 Homer W. Scott Football
Minnesota 1919 Erling S. Platou Basketball/Track & Field
Northwestern 1919 Ruben Allen Marquardt Basketball
Ohio State 1919 Sheldon J. Mann Baseball
Purdue 1919 Robert E. Markley Football/Basketball.Baseball
Wisconsin 1919 Charles H. Carpenter Football
Michigan 1919 No Award
Chicago 1920 Charles G. Higgins Football
Illinois 1920 John B. Felmley Basketball/Track & Field
Indiana 1920 Willard G. Rauschenbach Baseball
Iowa 1920 Charles Mockmore Football
Minnesota 1920 Norman W. Kingsley Football/Basketball/Track & Field
Northwestern 1920 Bruce DeSwarte Track & Field
Ohio State 1920 Harold Lee Kime Baseball
Purdue 1920 Paul B. Church Football/Basketball
Wisconsin 1920 Anthony G. Zulfer Basketball/Baseball
Michigan 1920 Carl E. Johnson Track & Field
Chicago 1921 Harold L. Hanisch Football
Illinois 1921 John S. Prescott Track & Field
Indiana 1921 Everett S. Dean Basketball
Iowa 1921 Robert J. Kaufmann Football/Basketball
Minnesota 1921 Neal A. Arnston Football/Basketball
Northwestern 1921 Robert W. Townley Football
Ohio State 1921 Andrew J. Nemecek Football
Purdue 1921 Cecil George Cooley Football
Wisconsin 1921 Allan C. Davey Football
Michigan 1921 Elton E. Wieman Football
Chicago 1922 Herbert O. Crisler Football/Basketball/Baseball
Illinois 1922 Clarence Crossley Baseball
Indiana 1922 William G. McCaw Football
Iowa 1922 Aubrey Devine Football/Basketball/Track & Field
Minnesota 1922 Arnold Oss Basketball/Track & Field
Northwestern 1922 Graham Penfield Football
Ohio State 1922 Iolas M. Huffman Football/Baseball
Purdue 1922 Clifford C. Furnas Cross Country/Track & Field
Wisconsin 1922 George Bunge Football
Michigan 1922 Robert J. Dunne Football
Chicago 1923 Harold A. Fletcher Football
Illinois 1923 Otto H. Vogel Football/Basketball/Baseball
Indiana 1923 Omar Held Wrestling
Iowa 1923 Gordon C. Locke Football/Baseball
Minnesota 1923 Rudolph Hultkrans Basketball/Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1923 James J. Peterson Basketball
Ohio State 1923 Harry Workman Football
Purdue 1923 William R. Swank Football
Wisconsin 1923 Gustave K. Tebell Baseball/Basketball/Football
Michigan 1923 Paul C. Goebel Football
Chicago 1924 Campbell Dickson Basketball
Illinois 1924 Walter Roettger Basketball/Baseball
Indiana 1924 John Milton Nay Track & Field
Iowa 1924 Wayland Hicks Basketball/Baseball
Minnesota 1924 Earl Martineau Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1924 Guy William Davis Football
Ohio State 1924 Harry D. Steel Wrestling/Football
Purdue 1924 Edward R. Dye Football/Wrestling
Wisconsin 1924 Harold J. Bentson Rowing
Michigan 1924 Franklin C. Cappon Football
Chicago 1925 Harry G. Frieda Track & Field
Illinois 1925 Gilbert J. Roberts Football
Indiana 1925 Harlan Logan Basketball/Tennis/Track & Field
Iowa 1925 John Hancock Football/Track & Field
Minnesota 1925 Louis Gross Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1925 Ralph T. Breyer Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1925 Lawrence N. Snyder Track & Field
Purdue 1925 Ferdinand J. Wellman Football/Basketball
Wisconsin 1925 Lloyd Vallely Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1925 William B. Giles Baseball
Chicago 1926 Graham A. Kerwin Football
Illinois 1926 John W. Mauer Basketball
Indiana 1926 Daniel G. Bernoske Football
Iowa 1926 Donald Graham Football
Minnesota 1926 Raymond F. Rasey Basketball/Baseball
Northwestern 1926 Walter Seidel Football
Ohio State 1926 Ralph E. Seiffer Football
Purdue 1926 Donald S. Cunningham Football/Track & Field
Wisconsin 1926 Stephen H. Polaski Football
Michigan 1926 Harold Freyberg Track & Field
Chicago 1927 Anton Behme Burg Track & Field
Illinois 1927 Doran T. Rue Track & Field
Indiana 1927 Charles F. Benzel Track & Field
Iowa 1927 Carl D. Voltmer Football
Minnesota 1927 Roger Wheeler Football/Basketball
Northwestern 1927 Robert W. Johnson Football
Ohio State 1927 Harold W. Kennedy Track & Field
Purdue 1927 J.E. Littlecross country/track & field Country/Track & Field
Wisconsin 1927 Jefferson DeMent Burrus Rowing
Michigan 1927 Paul C. Samson Swimming & Diving
Chicago 1928 Kenneth A. Rouse Football
Illinois 1928 Richard G. Finn Baseball
Indiana 1928 Arthur J. Beckner Basketball
Iowa 1928 Lawrence Harrison Basketball/Baseball
Minnesota 1928 Malvin J. Nydahl Baseball/Football/Basketball
Northwestern 1928 Wm. H. Droegemueller Track & Field/Football/Basketball
Ohio State 1928 Cornelius Ackermann Football
Purdue 1928 Harry A. Kemmer Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1928 Louis Behr Basketball
Michigan 1928 Norman Gabel Football
Chicago 1929 Rudolph P. Leyers Football
Illinois 1929 Robert B. Orlovich Track & Field
Indiana 1929 Wilmer T. Rinehart Track & Field
Iowa 1929 Forest Twogood Basketball
Minnesota 1929 George E. MacKinnon Basketball/Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1929 Bertrand Fox Football
Ohio State 1929 William P. Tooley Track & Field
Purdue 1929 C.S. Lyle Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1929 Theodore A. Thelander Baseball/Basketball/Football
Michigan 1929 Ernest B. McCoy Baseball
Chicago 1930 Harold E. Hayden Track & Field
Illinois 1930 Richard C. Oeler Gymnastics
Indiana 1930 William E. Clapham Track & Field
Iowa 1930 Willis A. Glassgow Football/Baseball
Minnesota 1930 Robert Tanner Football/Basketball/Baseball
Northwestern 1930 Richard L. Hinch Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1930 Joseph A. Ujhelyi Football
Purdue 1930 Elmer N. Sleight Football
Wisconsin 1930 Donald W. Meikeljohn Tennis
Michigan 1930 Edwin B. Poorman Football
Chicago 1931 Dale Allen Letts Track & Field
Illinois 1931 Lee Sentman Track & Field
Indiana 1931 James E. Hatfield Track & Field
Iowa 1931 No Award
Minnesota 1931 Lowell Marsh Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1931 Laurence E. Oliphant Football
Ohio State 1931 Charles R. Larkins Football/Basketball
Purdue 1931 George VanBibbler Football/Baseball
Wisconsin 1931 Louis E. Oberdeck Rowing
Michigan 1931 J. Perry Austin Track & Field
Chicago 1932 Everett C. Olson Gymnastics
Illinois 1932 Edward F. Gbur Baseball
Indiana 1932 Henry A. Brocksmith Cross Country/Track & Field
Iowa 1932 Stuart W. Skowbo Track & Field
Minnesota 1932 Earl W. Loose Basketball/Baseball
Northwestern 1932 Volney C. Wilson Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1932 James R. Bachman Wrestling
Purdue 1932 John R. Wooden Basketball
Wisconsin 1932 Harvey H. Schneider Basketball
Michigan 1932 Edwin F. Russell Track & Field
Chicago 1933 Keith I. Parsons Basketball/Football
Illinois 1933 R. Dean Woolsey Track & Field/Cross Country
Indiana 1933 Noble L. Biddinger Track & Field
Iowa 1933 William A. McCloy Swimming & Diving
Minnesota 1933 Kenneth Gay Football/Baseball
Northwestern 1933 Kenneth A. Willard Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1933 John A. Keller Track & Field
Purdue 1933 Roy J. Horstmann Football
Wisconsin 1933 Nello Anthony Pacetti Football
Michigan 1933 Ivan B. Williamson Football
Chicago 1934 George H. Wrighte Gymnastics
Illinois 1934 Ralph J. Epstein Fencing
Indiana 1934 Raymond F. Dauer Football
Iowa 1934 Tom W. Moore Track & Field
Minnesota 1934 Marshall Wells Football
Northwestern 1934 Donald Brewer Basketball
Ohio State 1934 Bartlette Ewell Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1934 W.P. Fehring Football/Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1934 Robert A. Schiller Wrestling
Michigan 1934 James C. Cristy Jr. Swimming & Diving
Chicago 1935 Ellmore C. Patterson Jr. Football
Illinois 1935 Irving Seeley Track & Field
Indiana 1935 Don A. Veller Football
Iowa 1935 James P. McClintock Swimming & Diving
Minnesota 1935 Robert Tanner Football
Northwestern 1935 Chester H. Taylor Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1935 No Award
Purdue 1935 Carl Heldt Football
Wisconsin 1935 Rolf Falk Poser Basketball
Michigan 1935 Harvey Smith Track & Field
Chicago 1936 Gordon C. Peterson Basketball
Illinois 1936 Arthur Fisher Gymnastics
Indiana 1936 Reed H. Kelso Football
Iowa 1936 Francis X. Cretzmeyer Track & Field
Minnesota 1936 Glenn Seidel Football/Hockey
Northwestern 1936 Curtis M. Shanahan Water Polo/Baseball
Ohio State 1936 Bruce B. Laybourne Basketball
Purdue 1936 Robert L. Kessler Basketball
Wisconsin 1936 Howard Thurston Heun Rowing
Michigan 1936 Harvey W. Patton Track & Field
Chicago 1937 Floyd R. Stauffer Swimming & Diving
Illinois 1937 Harry Combes Basketball
Indiana 1937 Vernon R. Huffman Basketball
Iowa 1937 Cornelius J. Walker Football
Minnesota 1937 Charles Bud Wilkinson Football/Hockey/Golf
Northwestern 1937 Albert Adelman Tennis/Football
Ohio State 1937 Inwood Smith Football
Purdue 1937 Glynn M. Downey Basketball
Wisconsin 1937 Leonard L. Lovshin Football
Michigan 1937 John A. Gee Baseball
Chicago 1938 George C. Harcrow Track & Field
Illinois 1938 Allen Sapora Wrestling
Indiana 1938 Charles E. McDaniel Wrestling
Iowa 1938 Robert G. Lannon Football
Minnesota 1938 Dominic Krezowski Track & Field
Northwestern 1938 Daniel Zehr Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1938 Ralph C. Wolf Football
Purdue 1938 Martin A. Schreyer Football
Wisconsin 1938 Charles H. Fensk Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1938 John Townsend Track & Field
Chicago 1939 Robert E. Cassels Basketball/Track & Field
Illinois 1939 Archie Deuschman Wrestling
Indiana 1939 Chris Traicoff Wrestling
Iowa 1939 Wilbur V. Nead Football
Minnesota 1939 John A. Kundla Basketball/Baseball
Northwestern 1939 Marvin Wachman Tennis
Ohio State 1939 James A. Whittaker Cross Country/Track & Field
Purdue 1939 Joseph Mihal Football
Wisconsin 1939 Walter I. Bietila Baseball
Michigan 1939 Leo C. Beebe Baseball
Chicago 1940 Martin Levit Baseball
Illinois 1940 Frank E. Richart Jr. Golf
Indiana 1940 Robert I. Hoke Track & Field
Iowa 1940 Andrew J. Kantor Baseball
Minnesota 1940 Harold Van Every Football/Basketball
Northwestern 1940 John Thomas Ryan Football
Ohio State 1940 Esco Sarkkinen Football
Purdue 1940 Richard C. Potter Football
Wisconsin 1940 Ralph H. Moeller Football
Michigan 1940 James R. Rae Track & Field
Chicago 1941 James Lloyd Ray Track & Field
Illinois 1941 Park Brown Track & Field/Cross Country
Indiana 1941 Harold L. Zimmer Football
Iowa 1941 James R. Murphy Jr. Football
Minnesota 1941 George Franck Football/Track & Field
Northwestern 1941 Glenn E. Thistlewait Football
Ohio State 1941 Clifford P. Morgan Baseball
Purdue 1941 William J. Neff Football
Wisconsin 1941 Kenneth E. Bixby Baseball
Michigan 1941 Forest Evashevski Football
Chicago 1942 Calvin P. Sawyier Tennis
Illinois 1942 William Hocking Basketball
Indiana 1942 Hugh B. McAdams Track & Field
Iowa 1942 Richard E. Hein Basketball/Baseball
Minnesota 1942 Eugene Flick Football/Baseball
Northwestern 1942 Richard Erditz Football
Ohio State 1942 Benjamin P. Burtt Fencing
Purdue 1942 Paul B. Anthony Track & Field
Wisconsin 1942 Burleigh E. Jacobs Golf
Michigan 1942 David M. Nelson Football
Chicago 1943 Haymond Siever Fencing
Illinois 1943 Edwin S. Parker Basketball/Baseball
Indiana 1943 Fred Huff Football
Iowa 1943 Thomas Farmer Football
Minnesota 1943 Christie Geankoplis Tennis
Northwestern 1943 Russell Wendland Basketball
Ohio State 1943 William E. Vickroy Jr. Football
Purdue 1943 Allen Carl Menke Basketball
Wisconsin 1943 Frederick R. Rehm Basketball
Michigan 1943 George F. Ceithaml Football
Chicago 1944 Edward A. Cooperrider Baseball
Illinois 1944 Warren F. Goodell Track & Field
Indiana 1944 No Award
Iowa 1944 No Award
Minnesota 1944 Stuart A. Olson Baseball
Northwestern 1944 Arthur NethercotJr. Wrestling
Ohio State 1944 George R. Hoeflinger Track & Field
Purdue 1944 No Award
Wisconsin 1944 Edward M. Dzirbik Wrestling
Michigan 1944 Paul Grover White Football
Illinois 1945 Donald Delaney Basketball
Indiana 1945 No Award
Iowa 1945 No Award
Minnesota 1945 Arnold Lehrman Basketball/Baseball
Northwestern 1945 Ben Schadler Baseball/Basketball/Football
Ohio State 1945 Jack R. Dugger Football/Basketball/Track & Field
Purdue 1945 Joseph Allen Collings Football
Wisconsin 1945 Ken Chandler Track & Field
Michigan 1945 Robert L. Wiese Football
Illinois 1946 Robert Phelps Track & Field
Indiana 1946 No Award
Iowa 1946 Arthur Harold Johnson Football
Minnesota 1946 John Adams Tennis/Hockey
Northwestern 1946 Andrew Ivy Football
Ohio State 1946 Donald Steinberg Football
Purdue 1946 Thomas P. Hughes Football/Baseball
Wisconsin 1946 Jerry Thompson Football
Michigan 1946 Bliss Bowman Jr. Baseball
Illinois 1947 Robert Richards Track & Field
Indiana 1947 Ralph Hamilton Basketball
Iowa 1947 John Kenneth Hunter Track & Field
Minnesota 1947 Robert Sandberg Football
Northwestern 1947 John Hennerich Baseball
Ohio State 1947 Warren E. Amling Football/Basketball
Purdue 1947 Myrwin Anderson Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1947 Exner Menzel Basketball
Michigan 1947 Paul G. White Football
Illinois 1948 George Fischer Baseball
Indiana 1948 Leroy Thomas Deal Track & Field
Iowa 1948 Herbert W. Wilkinson Track & Field
Minnesota 1948 Steve Silianoff Football
Northwestern 1948 Charles Tourek Basketball
Ohio State 1948 Robert O. Jabbusch Football
Purdue 1948 Henry Stram Football
Wisconsin 1948 Carlyle Fay Jr. Rowing
Michigan 1948 John E. Weisenburger Football
Illinois 1949 T. Dwight Eddleman Football/Basketball/Track & Field
Indiana 1949 Joseph Lawecki Baseball
Iowa 1949 Evan LeRoy Hultman Cross Country/Track & Field
Minnesota 1949 James B. Peterson Gymnastics/Track & Field
Northwestern 1949 William Heusner Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1949 Lloyd T. Duff Track & Field
Purdue 1949 Keith E. Carter Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 1949 Donald R. Peterson Rowing
Michigan 1949 Peter R. Elliott Football
Illinois 1950 Russell W. Steger Football/Baseball
Indiana 1950 Walter C. Bartkiewicz Football
Iowa 1950 Donald C. Hays Basketball
Minnesota 1950 Richard S. Kilty Track & Field/Cross Country
Northwestern 1950 Donald M. Burson Football
Ohio State 1950 Bruce Harlan Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1950 Norbert H. Adams Football/Baseball
Wisconsin 1950 Robert J. Wilson Football
Michigan 1950 Thomas R. Peterson Football
Illinois 1951 Don Laz Football/Track & Field
Indiana 1951 John H. Phillips Baseball
Iowa 1951 Ralph W. Thomas Wrestling
Minnesota 1951 Myer U. Skoog Basketball
Northwestern 1951 Donald C. Blasius Basketball
Ohio State 1951 Richard D. Widdoes Football
Purdue 1951 Neil Schmidt Football/Basketball
Wisconsin 1951 David Staiger Track & Field
Michigan 1951 Leo R. Koceski Football
Michigan State 1951 Everett Grandelius Football
Illinois 1952 Richard Calisch Track & Field
Indiana 1952 Robert Watson Masters Basketball
Iowa 1952 Charles Chuck Darling Basketball/Track & Field
Minnesota 1952 Richard K. Means Basketball/Tennis
Northwestern 1952 Richard H. Alban Football
Ohio State 1952 Stewart Hein Baseball
Purdue 1952 John G. Durham Football
Wisconsin 1952 Walter E. Deike Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1952 Donald S. McEwen Track & Field
Michigan State 1952 Orris Bender Wrestling
Illinois 1953 Clive Follmer Basketball/Baseball
Indiana 1953 George Bell Football
Iowa 1953 Burt Britzmann Football
Minnesota 1953 Robert D. Gelle Basketball/Football
Northwestern 1953 Raymond W. Huizinga Football
Ohio State 1953 Jerry F. Welbourn Track & Field
Purdue 1953 Walter R. Viellieu Football/Wrestling
Wisconsin 1953 James T. Moran Football/Rowing
Michigan 1953 David J. Tinkham Football
Michigan State 1953 John D. Wilson Football
Illinois 1954 Robert Lenzini Football/Track & Field
Indiana 1954 Ernest Duane Gomer Tennis
Iowa 1954 Bill Fenton Football
Minnesota 1954 Paul R. Giel Football/Baseball
Northwestern 1954 Lawrence E. Kurka Basketball
Ohio State 1954 Paul Allen Ebert Basketball/Baseball
Purdue 1954 Gene R. Mathews Track & Field
Wisconsin 1954 Norbert J. Esser Basketball/Football/Track & Field
Michigan 1954 Richard E. Balzhiser Football
Michigan State 1954 Bob Hoke Wrestling
Illinois 1955 Edwin G. Jackson Jr. Wrestling
Indiana 1955 Arthur Michael Cusick Jr. Track & Field
Iowa 1955 LeRoy Anton Ebert Track & Field
Minnesota 1955 Charles J. Mencel Basketball
Northwestern 1955 Sigmund Niepokoj Football
Ohio State 1955 Richard Allen Young Football
Purdue 1955 Dennis C. Blind Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1955 Richard W. Cable Basketball
Michigan 1955 J. Daniel Cline Football
Michigan State 1955 R. Kevan Gosper Track & Field
Illinois 1956 Daniel E. Dudas Baseball
Indiana 1956 Samuel L. Reed Baseball
Iowa 1956 Andrew Hough Football/Basketball
Minnesota 1956 Darrell R. Cochran Football/Baseball
Northwestern 1956 Alfred John Kuhn Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1956 Arthur Chas. Borror Fencing
Purdue 1956 Joe W. Sexson Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1956 Robert E. Konovsky Football/Wrestling
Michigan 1956 James M. Kruthers Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 1956 Carl Nystrom Football
Illinois 1957 Robert Dintelmann Track & Field/Cross Country
Indiana 1957 Harold Richard Neal Basketball
Iowa 1957 Frank Otis Sebolt Basketball
Minnesota 1957 Robert D. Hobert Football
Northwestern 1957 John Smith Football
Ohio State 1957 Albert Marcus Wiggins Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1957 Joe Campbell Basketball/Golf
Wisconsin 1957 Patrick J. Levenhagen Football
Michigan 1957 Terry A. Barr Football
Michigan State 1957 Selwyn Jones Track & Field
Illinois 1958 Lee Sentman Fencing
Indiana 1958 Gregory Bell Track & Field
Iowa 1958 Gary E. Meyer Wrestling
Minnesota 1958 John W. McCartan Hockey/Baseball
Northwestern 1958 Tom Scheuerman Baseball
Ohio State 1958 Donald D. Harper Gymnastics
Purdue 1958 William R. Stroud Baseball
Wisconsin 1958 Walter V. (Bunk) Holt Basketball/Baseball
Michigan 1958 James B. Orwig Football
Michigan State 1958 Robert W. Jasson Hockey
Illinois 1959 Abraham Grossfeld Gymnastics
Indiana 1959 Ronald L. Walden Gymnastics
Iowa 1959 James Van Young Track & Field
Minnesota 1959 Perry Gehring Football
Northwestern 1959 Andy Cvercko Football
Ohio State 1959 Larry P. Huston Basketball
Purdue 1959 Walter Eversman Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 1959 John R. Hobbs Basketball/Football/Track & Field
Michigan 1959 Walter N. Johnson Football
Michigan State 1959 Robert Anderegg Basketball
Illinois 1960 Robert J. Madix Baseball
Indiana 1960 Donald G. Noone Football
Iowa 1960 William Lloyd Voxman Tennis
Minnesota 1960 Orville Peterson Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1960 Arthur Kraft Wrestling
Ohio State 1960 Richard L. Furry Basketball
Purdue 1960 John P. Konsek Golf
Wisconsin 1960 Dale L. Hackbart Football
Michigan 1960 Terry O. Miller Basketball
Michigan State 1960 Stanley Tarshis Gymnastics
Illinois 1961 Charles Campbell Fencing
Indiana 1961 Gary V. Long Basketball
Iowa 1961 William Davis Buck Gymnastics
Minnesota 1961 Robert J. Schwarzkopf Gymnastics
Northwestern 1961 Michael Stock Football
Ohio State 1961 Richard H. Hoyt Basketball
Purdue 1961 Robert T. Orrill Basketball
Wisconsin 1961 Gerald L. Kulcinski Football
Michigan 1961 John D. Gillanders Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 1961 William Reynolds Track & Field/Cross Country
Illinois 1962 Stuart R. Cohn Fencing
Indiana 1962 Willard Elyea Baseball
Iowa 1962 Joel D. Novak Basketball
Minnesota 1962 James A. Fischer Track & Field
Northwestern 1962 Boyd C. Melvin Football
Ohio State 1962 Roger K. Beck Lacrosse
Purdue 1962 John D. Vogel Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 1962 Thomas M. Hughbanks Baseball/Basketball/Football/Track & Field
Michigan 1962 Thomas N. Osterland Gymnastics
Michigan State 1962 Edward J. Ryan Football
Illinois 1963 David J. Downey Basketball
Indiana 1963 Chester A. Jastremski Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1963 Ralph W. Trimble Track & Field
Minnesota 1963 Robert J. Bateman Basketball
Northwestern 1963 Paul Flatley Football
Ohio State 1963 Jerry R. Lucas Basketball
Purdue 1963 Ronald S. Meyer Football
Wisconsin 1963 Hugh V. (Pat) Richter Baseball/Basketball/Football
Michigan 1963 Charles F. Aquino Track & Field
Michigan State 1963 Richard Schloemer Fencing
Illinois 1964 Richard W. Deller Football
Indiana 1964 James L. Binkley Tennis
Iowa 1964 Andrew J. Hankins Basketball
Minnesota 1964 Arthur (Bill) Davis Basketball/Baseball
Northwestern 1964 Martin C. Riessen Tennis/Basketball
Ohio State 1964 Donald H. Flatt Basketball
Purdue 1964 Melvyn J. Garland Basketball/Baseball
Wisconsin 1964 William R. Smith Track & Field
Michigan 1964 Gordon J. Wilke Hockey
Michigan State 1964 George (Pete) Gent Basketball
Illinois 1965 G. Bogie Redmon Basketball/Track & Field
Indiana 1965 Douglas H. Spicer Football
Iowa 1965 Glenn Gailis Gymnastics
Minnesota 1965 Walter P. Richardson Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1965 Thomas W. Myers Football
Ohio State 1965 Arnold M. Chonko Football
Purdue 1965 William B. Howard Football
Wisconsin 1965 Gary V. Kirk Tennis
Michigan 1965 Robert W. Timberlake Football
Michigan State 1965 David Price Gymnastics
Illinois 1966 James S. Grabowski Football
Indiana 1966 Wayne L. Witmer Baseball
Iowa 1966 James M. Moses Basketball
Minnesota 1966 Paul T. Faust Football
Northwestern 1966 Richard T. Abrahams Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1966 Donald V. Unverferth Football
Purdue 1966 Dave G. Schellhase Basketball
Wisconsin 1966 David N. Fronek Football
Michigan 1966 John Karl Hedrick Tennis
Michigan State 1966 Stephen A. Juday Football
Illinois 1967 Robert J. Bachman Swimming
Indiana 1967 Kenneth R. Sitzberger Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1967 Kenneth Gordon Gymnastics
Minnesota 1967 Thomas G. Heinonen Track & Field/Cross Country
Northwestern 1967 Kenneth C. Ramsey Football
Ohio State 1967 Willard F. Sander Football
Purdue 1967 Robert A. Griese Football
Wisconsin 1967 Dennis J. Sweeney Baseball
Michigan 1967 David R. Fisher Football
Michigan State 1967 Eugene Washington Football/Track & Field
Illinois 1968 Paul Gary Shapin Gymnastics
Indiana 1968 Stanely Eugene Denisar Wrestling
Iowa 1968 Tony Williams Football
Minnesota 1968 Gary A. Gambucci Hockey
Northwestern 1968 Thomas A. Garretson Football
Ohio State 1968 Wilmer F. Hosket Basketball
Purdue 1968 James P. Beime Football
Wisconsin 1968 Michael Gluck Wrestling
Michigan 1968 Richard F. Vidmer Football
Michigan State 1968 Dale Anderson Wrestling
Illinois 1969 Dennis A. Rott Wrestling
Indiana 1969 Richard A. Fuhs Track & Field
Iowa 1969 Scott Miller Football
Minnesota 1969 Noel C. Jenke Football/Hockey/Baseball
Northwestern 1969 Ralph Schultz Track & Field
Ohio State 1969 David Edward Foley Football/Track & Field
Purdue 1969 Charles Douglas Kyle Football
Wisconsin 1969 Karl Rudat Football
Michigan 1969 Ronald A. Johnson Football
Michigan State 1969 Allen Brenner Football
Illinois 1970 Lawrence B. Schwartz Fencing
Indiana 1970 William H. Wolfe Football
Iowa 1970 Richard Jensen Basketball
Minnesota 1970 David A. Cosgrove Baseball
Northwestern 1970 Bruce Hubbard Football
Ohio State 1970 Bruce T. Trott Gymnastics
Purdue 1970 Michael E. Phipps Football
Wisconsin 1970 Douglas R. McFadyen Hockey
Michigan 1970 Mark W. Henry Baseball
Michigan State 1970 Richard Saul Football
Illinois 1971 Ernest Clements Tennis
Indiana 1971 Mark Stevens Football
Iowa 1971 Craig Sandvig Tennis
Minnesota 1971 Wally Olds Hockey
Northwestern 1971 John Rodman Football
Ohio State 1971 James Cleamons Basketball
Purdue 1971 George Faerber Basketball
Wisconsin 1971 Don Vandrey Track & Field
Michigan 1971 Richard A. Rydze Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 1971 Thomas Muir Wrestling
Illinois 1972 Robert Bucklin Football
Indiana 1972 Chuck Thomson Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1972 Dave Triplett Football
Minnesota 1972 Craig Lincoln Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1972 Maurice Daigneau Football
Ohio State 1972 Rick Simon Football
Purdue 1972 Robert A. Ford Basketball
Wisconsin 1972 Pat Matzdorf Track & Field
Michigan 1972 Bruce N. Elliott Football
Michigan State 1972 Herb Washington Track & Field
Illinois 1973 Robert J. Mango Track & Field
Indiana 1973 Gary W. Hall Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1973 Daniel Sherman Wrestling
Minnesota 1973 James T. Brewer Basketball
Northwestern 1973 Gregory J. Strunk Football
Ohio State 1973 David A. Hoyles Hockey
Purdue 1973 James H. Pratt Baseball
Wisconsin 1973 Keith D. Nosbusch Football
Michigan 1973 Godfrey E. Murray Track & Field
Michigan State 1973 Ken Popejoy Track & Field
Illinois 1974 Howard Beck Gymnastics
Indiana 1974 Daniel F. Hayes Track & Field
Iowa 1974 Carl Walin Gymnastics
Minnesota 1974 Garry Bjorklund Cross Country/Track & Field
Northwestern 1974 Steven A. Craig Football
Ohio State 1974 Randolph C. Gradishar Football
Purdue 1974 Jeffrey T. Bolin Track & Field
Wisconsin 1974 Gary D. Anderson Basketball
Michigan 1974 David D. Gallagher Football
Michigan State 1974 Robert Cassleman Track & Field
Illinois 1975 Howard Beck Gymnastics
Indiana 1975 Orlando Fernandez Gymnastics
Iowa 1975 Robert C. Fick Football
Minnesota 1975 Michael T. Polich Hockey
Northwestern 1975 David A. Froehlich Wrestling
Ohio State 1975 Patrick T. Moore Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1975 Lawrence G. Burton Jr. Football/Track & Field
Wisconsin 1975 James R. Dyreby Jr. Rowing
Michigan 1975 Jerry Karzen Tennis
Michigan State 1975 Dennis Olmstead Hockey
Illinois 1976 Glenn Hummell Tennis
Indiana 1976 Bruce Dickson Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1976 Bob Elliott Football
Minnesota 1976 Jeffrey N. LaFleur Gymnastics
Northwestern 1976 Kim Girkins Football
Ohio State 1976 Brian Baschnagel Football
Purdue 1976 Kenneth Novak Football
Wisconsin 1976 Patrick J. Christenso Wrestling
Michigan 1976 Richard Walterhouse Baseball
Michigan State 1976 Patrick Milkovich Wrestling
Illinois 1977 Craig Virgin Track & Field/Cross Country
Indiana 1977 James P. Montgomery Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1977 Rick Zussman Tennis
Minnesota 1977 Tony Dungy Football
Northwestern 1977 Randy Dean Football
Ohio State 1977 John Sandlund Track & Field
Purdue 1977 Bruce Parkinson Basketball
Wisconsin 1977 Peter W. Brey Basketball
Michigan 1977 Steve Grote Basketball
Michigan State 1977 Lionel (Ty) Willingham Football/Baseball
Illinois 1978 Steve Yasukawa Gymnastics
Indiana 1978 Richard R. Hofstetter Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1978 Rod Sears Football
Minnesota 1978 Timothy J. LaFleur Gymnastics
Northwestern 1978 Alan E. Marzano Wrestling
Ohio State 1978 Frank D’Amico Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1978 Noel Ruebel Track & Field
Wisconsin 1978 Michael Eaves Hockey
Michigan 1978 Derek Howard Football
Michigan State 1978 Larry Bethea Football
Illinois 1979 John Davis Gymnastics
Indiana 1979 David Abrams Football
Iowa 1979 Tim Gutshall Football
Minnesota 1979 Bill Baker Hockey
Northwestern 1979 Scott Stranski Baseball
Ohio State 1979 Doug Dillie Baseball
Purdue 1979 Joe Menzyk Track & Field
Wisconsin 1979 Steve Lacy Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1979 Mark Churella Wrestling
Michigan State 1979 Gregory Kelser Basketball
Illinois 1980 Dave Stoldt Gymnastics
Indiana 1980 Marc Schlatter Swimming & Diving
Iowa 1980 Dan Glenn Wrestling
Minnesota 1980 Dan Zilverberg Wrestling
Northwestern 1980 Mike Campbell Basketball
Ohio State 1980 Stephen Crane Track & Field
Purdue 1980 Ken Loushin Football
Wisconsin 1980 Thoams G. Stauss Football
Michigan 1980 George Foussianes Baseball
Michigan State 1980 Mark Brammer Football
Illinois 1981 John Kakacek Wrestling
Indiana 1981 Kevin Speer Football
Iowa 1981 Steve Waite Basketball
Minnesota 1981 Thomas Lehman Golf
Northwestern 1981 Jim Ford Football
Ohio State 1981 Mike Wukelic Soccer
Purdue 1981 Brian Walker Basketball
Wisconsin 1981 David C. Goodspeed Wrestling
Michigan 1981 John Wangler Football
Michigan State 1981 Jay Vincent Basketball
Illinois 1982 Randy Conte Baseball Lisa Robinson Basketball
Indiana 1982 Bob Stephenson Football Karen Marincek Golf
Iowa 1982 Brad Webb Football No Award
Minnesota 1982 Brian Meeker Gymnastics Chris Curry-Gentz Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1982 Bob Grady Basketball Patience Vanderbush Basketball
Ohio State 1982 Gregory Rake Baseball Karen Callaghan Synchronized Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1982 Tim Seneff Football Anne McMenany Volleyball
Wisconsin 1982 David Mohapp Football Ann French Badminton
Michigan 1982 Jim Paciorek Baseball Diane Dietz Basketball
Michigan State 1982 Morten Andersen Football Lisa Speaker Golf
Illinois 1983 Rich Baader Track & Field Mary Ellen Murphy Golf
Indiana 1983 Tony Nelson Baseball Patricia Eiting Track & Field
Iowa 1983 Ed Banach Wrestling Kerry Stewart Swimming & Diving
Minnesota 1983 Randy Breuer Basketball Jill Halsted Volleyball
Northwestern 1983 Jeff Munn Fencing Sue Hebson Softball
Ohio State 1983 Sam Linzell Gymnastics Nancy Pearson Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1983 Joe Smith Football
Ohio State 1983 Steven Hirsch Track & Field
Purdue 1983 Jack Farson Cross Country/Track & Field Jane Neff Volleyball
Wisconsin 1983 David Farley Golf Rose Thomson Cross country/Track & field
Michigan 1983 Brian Diemer Track & Field Melanie Weaver Track & Field
Michigan State 1983 Mike Brown Swimming & Diving Karen Wells Basketball
Illinois 1984 Kerry Dickson Track & Field Karen Brems Gymnastics
Indiana 1984 George Gianokopolous Football Lynne Beck Volleyball
Iowa 1984 Dave Ross Swimming & Diving Lisa Anderson Basketball
Minnesota 1984 Joey Ray Gymnastics Nancy Harris Golf
Northwestern 1984 John Kidd Football Lorie Miller Volleyball
Ohio State 1984 John Frank Football Kelly Robinson Basketball
Purdue 1984 Adam Abele Tennis Jan Hoosline Volleyball
Wisconsin 1984 John Johannson Hockey Janet Huff Basketball
Michigan 1984 Stefan Humphries Football Alison Noble Volleyball
Michigan State 1984 Kelly Miller Hockey Anne Pewe Cross country/Track & field
Illinois 1985 Peter Bouton Tennis Sue Arildsen Tennis
Indiana 1985 Uwe Blab Basketball Kelly Greenlee Cross country
Iowa 1985 Rob Moellering Tennis Dee Ann Davidson Volleyball
Minnesota 1985 Dave Morrison Track & Field/Cross Country Jocelyn Smith Golf
Northwestern 1985 Jim Bobbitt Football Anucha Browne Basketball
Ohio State 1985 Robert Playter Gymnastics Sarah Josephson Synchronized Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1985 Steve Reid Basketball Annette Bauer Volleyball
Wisconsin 1985 John Easker Cross country/Track & field Cathy Branta Cross country/Track & field
Michigan 1985 Ken Hayward Baseball Andrea Williams Volleyball
Michigan State 1985 Carlton Evans Lacrosse Kelly Belanger Basketball
Illinois 1986 Jim Juriga Football Christy Flesvig Tennis
Indiana 1986 Terry Brahm Track & Field Lynn Dennison Golf
Iowa 1986 Larry Station Football Marcia Pankratz Field hockey
Minnesota 1986 Ron Backes Track & Field Jody Eder Cross country/Track & field
Northwestern 1986 Joe Girardi Baseball Amy Kekeisen Field hockey/Softball
Ohio State 1986 Mike Lanese Football Adrian Lehman Synchronized swimming & diving
Purdue 1986 Jim Everett Football Cheryl Flowers Volleyball
Wisconsin 1986 Tim Hacker Cross Country/Track & Field Lisa Fortman Tennis
Michigan 1986 Casey Close Baseball Sue Schroeder Cross Country
Michigan State 1986 Don McSween Hockey Julie Polakowski Basketball
Illinois 1987 Graeme McGufficke Swimming Jonelle Polk Basketball
Indiana 1987 Steve Alford Basketball Karleen Moore Softball
Iowa 1987 Andy Wiese Track & Field Karen Napoliatano Field Hockey
Minnesota 1987 Collin Godkin Gymnastics Sue Roell Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1987 Bob Dirkes Football Jennifer Averill Field Hockey
Ohio State 1987 Mike Wantuck Swimming & Diving Kathy Zittel Synchronized Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1987 Kevin Gregory Tennis Karen Moschetto Field Hockey
Wisconsin 1987 J. J. Weber Basketball Amy Justeson Swimming & Diving
Michigan 1987 Ken Higgins Football Heidi Cohen Gymnastics
Michigan State 1987 Dean Altobelli Football Lisa Marino Golf
Illinois 1988 Tim Simon Track & Field Disa Johnson Volleyball
Indiana 1988 Sven Salumaa Tennis Karen Dunham Volleyball
Iowa 1988 Mike Flagg Football Liz Tchou Field Hockey
Minnesota 1988 Paul Gisselquist Cross Country/Track & Field Rochele Goetz Volleyball
Northwestern 1988 Shon Morris Basketball Barb Harris Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1988 Ron Gharbo Wrestling Karen LaFace Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1988 Bob Stolz Cross Country/Track & Field Sharon Versyp Basketball
Wisconsin 1988 Paul Gruber Football Chris Gilles Tennis
Michigan 1988 Jonathan Morris Tennis Tina Basle Tennis
Michigan State 1988 Mike Davidson Baseball Kim Hartwick Gymnastics
Illinois 1989 Peter Freund Football Chris Schwarz Volleyball
Indiana 1989 Simon Katner Soccer Ann Mooney Basketball
Iowa 1989 Paul Wozniak Gymnastics Deb Robertson Field Hockey
Minnesota 1989 Mike Zechmeister Swimming & Diving Kate Hughes Golf
Northwestern 1989 Mark


Wrestling Lori Holmes Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1989 Ted Glavas Tennis Michelle Schulte Gymnastics
Ohio State 1989 Scott Powell Football
Purdue 1989 John Stein Cross Country/Track & Field Barbara Meeker Volleyball
Wisconsin 1989 Dave Lee Wrestling Maureen Hartzheim Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1989 John Scherer Track & Field Traci Babcock Track & Field
Michigan State 1989 Danton Cole Hockey Mary Schoenle Swimming & Diving
Illinois 1990 John Murray Tennis Celena Mondie-Milner Track & Field
Indiana 1990 Scott Holman Wrestling Julie Goedde Volleyball
Iowa 1990 Brian Wujick Baseball Erica Richards Field Hockey
Minnesota 1990 Chuck Heise Wrestling Marie Roethlisberger Gymnastics
Northwestern 1990 Jack Griffin Wrestling Kim Metcalf Field Hockey/Softball
Ohio State 1990 Joe Staysniak Football Joan Pero Track & Field
Ohio State 1990 Mike Racanelli Gymnastics
Purdue 1990 Stephen Scheffler Basketball Lori Overturf Cross Country/Track & Field
Wisconsin 1990 John Byce Hockey Susan Temple Volleyball
Michigan 1990 Brent Lang Swimming & Diving Jenny Allard Softball
Michigan State 1990 Walter Bartels Hockey Eileen Shea Basketball
Illinois 1991 Aaron Mobarak Track & Field Lynn Devers Gymnastics
Indiana 1991 Scott Boatman Football Joy Jordan Volleyball
Iowa 1991 David Brown Track & Field Janet Moylan Volleyball
Minnesota 1991 Marty Morgan Wrestling Rachel Lewis Track & Field
Northwestern 1991 Bob Christian Football Marilyn Peck Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1991 Michael DiSabato Wrestling Cheryl Perozek Basketball
Purdue 1991 Dave Barrett Basketball/Baseball Joy Holmes Basketball
Wisconsin 1991 Jack Waite Tennis Elaine Demetroulis Tennis
Michigan 1991 Mike Barrowman Swimming & Diving Stacy Berg Tennis
Michigan State 1991 Walter Bartels Hockey Emily Coatney Soccer
Illinois 1992 Mike Hopkins Football Katie Riley Basketball
Indiana 1992 Mark Hagen Football Katrin Koch Track & Field
Iowa 1992 Paul Bautel Gymnastics Jennifer Brower Cross Country/Track & Field
Minnesota 1992 Scott Tripps Swimming & Diving Uta Herrmann Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1992 Matt Case Wrestling Michele Savage Basketball
Ohio State 1992 Paul Huzyak Track & Field Stacia Goff Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1992 Craig Riley Basketball MaChelle Joseph Basketball
Wisconsin 1992 Matt Demaray Wrestling Heather Taggart Soccer
Michigan 1992 Eric Bailey Swimming & Diving Amy Bannister Track & Field
Michigan State 1992 Stuart Hirschman Baseball Misty Allison Cross Country/Track & Field
Penn State 1992 Gregory B. Guarton Lacrosse Michele R. Robinson Volleyball
Illinois 1993 Brad Lawton Track & Field Lindsey Nimmo Tennis
Indiana 1993 David Held Tennis Courtney Cox Basketball/Golf
Iowa 1993 Matt Whitaker Football Andrea Wieland Field Hockey
Minnesota 1993 John Roethlisberger Gymnastics Laura Herman Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1993 Mark Loretta Baseball Nancy Kennelly Basketball
Ohio State 1993 Jim Knopp Gymnastics Erika Cottrell Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1993 Brian Daly Swimming & Diving Heidi Reynolds Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 1993 Donovan Bergstrom Track & Field Kim Sherman Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1993 Robert Pelinka Basketball Mindy Gehrs Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 1993 Dave Smith Cross Country/Track & Field Ruth Aguayo Gymnastics
Penn State 1993 Vitali Nazlymov Fencing Jenny Kretchmar Basketball
Illinois 1994 Forry Wells Football/Baseball Tonya Booker Basketball
Indiana 1994 Vito Maurici Wrestling Anne Eastman Volleyball
Iowa 1994 Kevin Herd Cross Country/Track & Field Tina Stec Cross Country/Track & Field
Minnesota 1994 Martin Eriksson Track & Field Carol Ann Shudick Basketball
Northwestern 1994 Kevin Rankin Basketball Susan Donahoe Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1994 Mike Repasky Baseball Holly Humphrey Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1994 Ron Gabrisko Baseball Kim Fritsch Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 1994 Louis Hinshaw Track & Field Susie Holt Soccer
Michigan 1994 Tobin Van Pelt Track & Field Molly McClimon Cross Country
Michigan State 1994 Steve Wasylk Football Laura Bell Cross Country/Track & Field
Penn State 1994 Craig Fayak Football Helen Holloway Basketball
Illinois 1995 Steve Marianetti Wrestling Carmel Corbett Track & Field
Indiana 1995 Erik Barrett Tennis Michelle Venturella Softball
Iowa 1995 Bryan Crowley Tennis Laura Dvorak Tennis
Minnesota 1995 Brian Yee Gymnastics Kara Martin Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 1995 Ron Rojas Baseball Gretchen Scheuermann Field Hockey
Ohio State 1995 Joey Galloway Football Katie Hedman Softball
Purdue 1995 Jon Pergande Track & Field Cindy Lamping Basketball
Purdue 1995 Katy Koonz Track & Field
Wisconsin 1995 Jeff Gold Soccer Dana Tzakis Golf
Michigan 1995 Todd Collins Football Beth Wymer Gymnastics
Michigan State 1995 Emilio Collins Wrestling Laura Bell Cross Country/Track & Field
Penn State 1995 John Amaechi Basketball Jill Pearsall Field Hockey
Illinois 1996 Marko Koers Track & Field Dawn Riley Track & Field
Indiana 1996 John Hammerstein Football Gina Ugo Softball
Iowa 1996 Jay Thornton Gymnastics Kim Baker Gymnastics
Minnesota 1996 Bernie Zeruhn Swimming & Diving Lori Townsend Track & Field
Northwestern 1996 Rohan Gardner Wrestling Betsy Vance Field Hockey
Ohio State 1996 Andy Gerken Swimming & Diving Katie Smith Basketball
Ohio State 1996 Adam Spitznagel Volleyball
Purdue 1996 Chris Kessick Baseball Corissa Yasen Basketball
Wisconsin 1996 Scott Lamphear Soccer Lauren Gavaris Tennis
Michigan 1996 Jay Riemersma Football Monika Black Track & Field
Michigan State 1996 Brian Picklo Wrestling Patti Raduenz Softball
Penn State 1996 Jeff Hartings Football Olga Kalinovskaya Fencing
Illinois 1997 Seth Brady Wrestling Kelly Scherr Volleyball
Indiana 1997 Tom Lukawski Football Mary Vajgrt Golf
Iowa 1997 Peter Masucci Gymnastics Jennifer (McMahon) Strong Softball
Iowa 1997 Andre Woolridge Basketball
Minnesota 1997 Matt Schlessman Swimming & Diving Katrien DeDecker Volleyball
Northwestern 1997 Pat Fitzgerald Football Michele Ratay Basketball
Ohio State 1997 Greg Bellisari Football Gina Pietras Synchronized Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1997 Matt Brown Swimming & Diving Jannon Roland Basketball
Wisconsin 1997 Alastair Steel Soccer Kathy Butler Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan 1997 Jason Botterill Hockey Shareen Luze Volleyball
Michigan State 1997 Tyler Harlton Hockey Sevatheda Fynes Track & Field
Michigan State 1997 Val Sterk Volleyball
Penn State 1997 Mac Fraser Swimming & Diving Becky Gusic Track & Field
Illinois 1998 Eric Siebert Wrestling Ashley Berggren Basketball
Indiana 1998 Robert Iglinski Swimming & Diving Jennifer Gray Golf
Iowa 1998 Jeff McGinness Wrestling Anne West Rowing
Minnesota 1998 Brandon Paulson Wrestling Jennifer McElmury Soccer
Northwestern 1998 Brian Musso Football Joy Stover Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 1998 Marko Strahija Swimming & Diving Sharon E. Wong Swimming & Diving
Purdue 1998 Chad Austin Basketball Marisa Watts Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 1998 Erik Raygor Hockey Katie Voigt Basketball
Michigan 1998 Kevin Sullivan Cross Country Kim Johnson Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 1998 Tyler Harlton Hockey Melissa Pryor Field Hockey
Penn State 1998 Joseph M. Roemer Gymnastics Kimberly L. McGreevy Cross Country
Illinois 1999 Bobby True Track & Field Stacey Schapiro Tennis
Indiana 1999 Bryan Holcomb Cross Country/Track & Field Melissa Rooney Volleyball
Iowa 1999 Derek Rose Football Anne West Rowing
Minnesota 1999 Tim Hartung Wrestling Shannon Beeler Softball
Northwestern 1999 Evan Eschmeyer Basketball Megan Chawansky Basketball
Ohio State 1999 Jason Trott Baseball Becky Borchers Soccer
Purdue 1999 Vilmos Kovaca Swimming & Diving Stephanie White-McCarty Basketball
Wisconsin 1999 Brian Doherty Soccer Shannon Brown Soccer
Michigan 1999 Jon Jansen Football Beth Amelkovich Gymnastics
Michigan State 1999 Steve Schell Cross Country/Track & Field Carrie Carpenter Softball
Penn State 1999 Mike Griesser Tennis Lesley Spada Swimming & Diving
Illinois 2000 Travis Romagnoli Gymnastics Tara Mendozza Track & Field/Cross Country
Indiana 2000 Matt Snyder Football Jessica Anderson Tennis
Iowa 2000 Stetson Steele Cross Country/Track & Field Shera Wiegler Tennis
Minnesota 2000 Brandon Eggum Wrestling Terri Jashinsky Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 2000 Scott Schatzman Wrestling Courtney Allen Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 2000 Angel Aja Volleyball Laura Murray Pistol
Purdue 2000 Brian Cardinal Basketball Carrie Long Track & Field
Wisconsin 2000 Jay Schoenfelder Cross Country/Track & Field Gina Panighetti Swimming & Diving
Michigan 2000 Rob Renes Football Elizabeth Kampfe Cross Country
Michigan State 2000 Shawn Horcoff Hockey Carly Weiden Swimming & Diving
Penn State 2000 Dan Schall Volleyball Tasha Kulka Swimming & Diving
Illinois 2001 Graydon Oliver Tennis Betsy Spicer Volleyball
Indiana 2001 Ian Arons Tennis Jennifer Hsia Tennis
Iowa 2001 Kevin Agnew Gymnastics Katie Garrels Rowing
Minnesota 2001 Ben Hamilton Football Aubrey Schmitt Track & Field
Northwestern 2001 Luke Donald Golf Colleen Cheng Tennis
Ohio State 2001 Jamie Natalie Gymnastics Fane Groes Fencing
Purdue 2001 Drew Brees Football Camille Cooper Basketball
Wisconsin 2001 Mike Kelley Basketball Allie Blomquist Golf
Michigan 2001 Chris Thompson Swimming & Diving Kacy Beitel Soccer
Michigan State 2001 Shawn Mason Football Carly Weiden Swimming & Diving
Penn State 2001 Omar J. Bhutta Fencing Beth Buchheit Cross Country/Track & Field
Illinois 2002 John Lockhart Wrestling Gia Lewis Track & Field
Indiana 2002 Colin Rogers Soccer Molly Fonner Water Polo
Iowa 2002 Aaron Kampman Football Lindsey Meder Basketball
Minnesota 2002 Owen Elzen Wrestling Lindsey Berg Volleyball
Northwestern 2002 Zak Kustok Football Merritt Adams Swimming & Diving
Ohio State 2002 Kevin Stephan Lacrosse Allison Blanton Field Hockey
Purdue 2002 Travis Dorsch Football Kelly Komara Basketball
Wisconsin 2002 Danny Westerman Tennis Andrea Wanezek Swimming & Diving
Michigan 2002 Justin Toman Gymnastics Katie Jazwinski Track & Field
Michigan State 2002 Josh Thornhill Football Carly Weiden Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 2002 Krista Buzzell Rowing
Penn State 2002 Andy Latowski Golf Katie Anderson Swimming & Diving
Illinois 2003 Andy Schutzenhofer Baseball Michelle Webb Tennis
Indiana 2003 Kyle Hornsby Basketball Kristin Stanford Water Polo
Iowa 2003 Andrew Lightfoot Football Kristin Johnson Softball
Minnesota 2003 Jared Lawrence Wrestling Shani Marks Track & Field
Northwestern 2003 Kellan O’Connor Swimming & Diving Rachel Evjen Cross Country
Northwestern 2003 Cristelle Grier Tennis
Ohio State 2003 Vincent Ng Tennis Victoria Bowen Synchronized Swimming & Diving
Purdue 2003 Gene Mruczkowski Football Lindsay Lange Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 2003 Kirk Penney Basketball Erin Byrd Volleyball
Michigan 2003 Jeff Hopwood Swimming & Diving Janessa Grieco Gymnastics
Michigan State 2003 Tyler Robinson Soccer Stephanie Anisko Swimming & Diving
Penn State 2003 Martin Schierhorn Swimming & Diving Emily Oleksiuk Soccer
Illinois 2004 Phil Stolt Tennis Jennifer McGaffigan Tennis
Indiana 2004 Chris Powers Track & Field Audrey Giesler Cross Country/Track & Field
Iowa 2004 Nate Kaeding Football Jennie Lillis Basketball
Minnesota 2004 Adam Steele Track & Field Cassie Busse Volleyball
Northwestern 2004 Tony Swanson Swimming & Diving Jessica Rush Tennis
Ohio State 2004 Ben Hartsock Football Jessica Marshall Pistol
Purdue 2004 John Standeford Football Shereka Wright Basketball
Wisconsin 2004 Ryan Tremelling Track & Field Morgan Shields Volleyball
Michigan 2004 Pat Owen Wrestling Melissa Bickett Track & Field
Michigan State 2004 Steve Manz Track & Field Michelle Carson Cross Country/Track & Field
Penn State 2004 Clint Keithley Tennis Katie Futcher Golf
Illinois 2005 Jack Ingram Basketball Cynthya Goulet Tennis
Indiana 2005 Danny O'Rourke Soccer Jessica Gall Cross Country/Track & Field
Iowa 2005 Sean Considine Football Jennifer Skolaski Swimming & Diving
Minnesota 2005 Guillermo Alvarez Gymnastics Lindsey Taatjes Volleyball
Northwestern 2005 Luis Castillo Football Courtney Koester Lacrosse
Ohio State 2005 Mitchell Richeson Swimming & Diving Kristen White Golf
Purdue 2005 Louis Paul Swimming & Diving Andrea Hillsey Softball
Wisconsin 2005 Jim Leonhard Football Carla MacLeod Ice Hockey
Michigan 2005 Ryan Bertin Wrestling Lindsey Gallo Track & Field
Michigan State 2005 Chris Hill Basketball Veerle Goudswaard Field Hockey
Penn State 2005 Jerker Taudien Gymnastics Joanna Lohman Soccer
Illinois 2006 Dee Brown Basketball Christen Karniski Soccer
Indiana 2006 Clint Crosier Baseball Courtney O’Bryan Soccer
Iowa 2006 Greg Brunner Basketball Nancilea Underwood Swimming & Diving
Minnesota 2006 Greg Eslinger Football Laura Johnson Gymnastics
Northwestern 2006 Brett Basanez Football Lindsey Munday Lacrosse
Ohio State 2006 Jason Rogers Fencing Keturah Lofton Track & Field
Purdue 2006 Giordan Pogioli Swimming & Diving Carrie McCambridge Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 2006 Nathan Brown Track & Field Jessica Ring Soccer
Michigan 2006 Davis Tarwater Water Polo/Swimming & Diving Grace Luetele Softball
Michigan State 2006 Drew Stanton Football Liz Shimek Basketball
Penn State 2006 Matt Proper Volleyball Sarah Haupt Swimming & Diving
Illinois 2007 Warren Carter Basketball Yvonne Mensah Track & Field
Indiana 2007 Will Meyers Football Stacey Clausing Track & Field
Iowa 2007 Adam Haluska Basketball Heather Schnepf Field Hockey
Minnesota 2007 Matt Spaeth Football Emily Brown Cross Country/Track & Field
Northwestern 2007 Chris Wilson Golf Alexis Prousis Tennis
Ohio State 2007 Kellen Harkness Swimming & Diving Saskia Mueller Field Hockey
Purdue 2007 Mike Otto Football Katie Gearlds Basketball
Wisconsin 2007 Joe Thomas Football Sara Bauer Ice Hockey
Michigan 2007 Jeff Porter Track & Field Katie Erdman Track & Field
Michigan State 2007 Drew Stanton Football Kristen Coleman Gymnastics
Penn State 2007 Daniel Kaiserian Swimming & Diving Stephanie Sullivan Gymnastics
Illinois 2008 Jeremy Leman Football Mary Therese McDonnell Soccer
Indiana 2008 Thomas Richter Tennis Haley Exner Field Hockey
Iowa 2008 Mike Klinkenborg Football Meghan Armstrong Cross Country/Track & Field
Minnesota 2008 C.P. Schlatter Wrestling Liz Podominick Track & Field
Northwestern 2008 David Roth Soccer Christy Finch Lacrosse
Ohio State 2008 Daniel Mathews Volleyball Jenna Griffin Track & Field
Purdue 2008 Jared Armstrong Football Shauna Stapleton Soccer
Wisconsin 2008 Adam Barhamand Rowing Katrina Rundhaug Track & Field/Cross Country
Michigan 2008 Matko Maravic Tennis Lindsey Cottrell Soccer
Michigan State 2008 Drew Neitzel Basketball Kate Burdick Rowing
Penn State 2008 Conrad Taylor Soccer Molly Crispell Swimming & Diving
Illinois 2009 Trent Meacham Basketball Emily Zurrer Soccer
Indiana 2009 Austin Starr Football Whitney Thomas Basketball
Iowa 2009 Eric MacTaggart Track & Field Lauren Pfeiffer Field Hockey
Minnesota 2009 Matthew Nohelty Baseball Jenny Shaughnessy Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 2009 Eric Peterman Football Samantha Nemecek Fencing
Ohio State 2009 Brian Robiskie Football Linda Haussener Field Hockey
Purdue 2009 Jake Patacsil Wrestling Kara Patterson Track & Field
Wisconsin 2009 Joe Krabbenhoft Basketball Gwen Jorgensen Track & Field
Michigan 2009 Steve Luke Wrestling Tiffany Ofili Track & Field
Michigan State 2009 Doug DeMartin Soccer Sarah Schmidt Rowing
Penn State 2009 James Pagana Track & Field Zoe Bouchelle Soccer
Illinois 2010 Jon Asamoah Football Angela Bizzarri Track & Field/Cross Country
Indiana 2010 Ofori Sarkodie Soccer Wendi Robinson Track & Field
Iowa 2010 Brent Metcalf Wrestling Tricia Dean Field Hockey
Minnesota 2010 Jayson Ness Wrestling Heather Dorniden Track & Field
Northwestern 2010 Mark Blades Soccer Lauren Lui Tennis
Ohio State 2010 Stefan Sigrist Swimming & Diving Chelsea Davis Swimming & Diving
Purdue 2010 Chris Kramer Basketball FahKara Malone Basketball
Wisconsin 2010 Jack Bolas Track & Field Chavon Robinson Track & Field
Michigan 2010 Phillip Goldberg Gymnastics Angela Findlay Softball
Michigan State 2010 Blair White Football Allyssa DeHaan Basketball
Penn State 2010 Jason Yeisley Soccer Ashley Griffith Softball
Illinois 2011 Scott Langley Golf Hillary Haen Volleyball
Indiana 2011 Ben Chappell Football Vera Neuenswander Track & Field
Iowa 2011 Julian Vandervelde Football Bethany Praska Track & Field
Minnesota 2011 Mike Thorn Wrestling Kaylee Jamison Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 2011 Matt Eliason Soccer Maria Mosolova Tennis
Ohio State 2011 Steven Kehoe Volleyball Cassie Dickerson Soccer
Purdue 2011 Kyle Adams Football Allie Smith Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 2011 Gabe Carimi Football Maggie Meyer Swimming & Diving
Michigan 2011 Carl Hagelin Hockey Sarah Curtis Gymnastics
Michigan State 2011 Brandon Eckerle Baseball Aimee Neff Golf
Penn State 2011 Stefen Wisniewski Football Jessica Babcock Track & Field
Illinois 2012 Luke Guthrie Golf Jenna Carosio Soccer
Indiana 2012 Matt Roth Basketball Margaux Farrell Swimming & Diving
Iowa 2012 Erik Sowinski Track & Field McKenzie Melander Cross Country
Minnesota 2012 David Pachuta Track & Field Anne Schleper Ice Hockey
Northwestern 2012 Francis Brooke Baseball Chelsea Armstrong Field Hockey
Ohio State 2012 Andrew Elliott Swimming & Diving Bianca Alvarez Swimming & Diving
Purdue 2012 Robbie Hummel Basketball Brittany Rayburn Basketball
Wisconsin 2012 Peter Konz Football Laurie Nosbusch Soccer
Michigan 2012 Dan Madwed Swimming & Diving Amanda Chidester Softball
Michigan State 2012 Kirk Cousins Football Jenilee Rathje Volleyball
Penn State 2012 Miguel Pineda Gymnastics Erin Thomas Swimming & Diving
Nebraska 2012 Tyler Hitchler Track & Field Ashley Miller Track & Field
Illinois 2013 Brandon Paul Basketball Alina Weinstein Gymnastics
Indiana 2013 Luis Soffner Soccer Amy Cozad Swimming & Diving
Iowa 2013 Javier Balboa Gymnastics Morgan Johnson Basketball
Minnesota 2013 Quentin Mege Track & Field Noora Räty Ice Hockey
Northwestern 2013 Luke Farrell Baseball Gabriella Flibotte Lacrosse
Ohio State 2013 Max Stearns Fencing Alicia Herron Softball
Purdue 2013 Robert Maci Football Ariel Turner Volleyball
Wisconsin 2013 Elliot Krause Cross Country/Track & Field Kendall Schmidt Rowing
Michigan 2013 Jack Greenlee Track & Field Katie Zurales Gymnastics
Michigan State 2013 Jacob Jarzen Swimming & Diving Caroline Powers Golf
Penn State 2013 John Urschel Football Petra Januskova Tennis
Nebraska 2013 Bjorn Barrefors Track & Field Mary Weatherholt Tennis
Illinois 2014 Nathan Scheelhaase Football Vanessa DiBernardo Soccer
Indiana 2014 Ryan LeBlanc Wrestling Meghan Lappan Water Polo
Iowa 2014 James Morris Football Marike Stribos Field Hockey
Michigan 2014 John Wojciechowski Swimming & Diving Jillian Smith Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan State 2014 Greg Wolfe Ice Hockey Kristen Henn Field Hockey
Minnesota 2014 Derek Toomey Swimming & Diving Sara Moulton Softball
Nebraska 2014 Seth Wiedel Track & Field Emily Wong Gymnastics
Northwestern 2014 Raleigh Smith Tennis Marisa Bast Softball
Ohio State 2014 Aaron Craft Basketball Allison Elber Rowing
Penn State 2014 Adrian Evans Gymnastics Emily Giannotti Track & Field
Purdue 2014 Matt Friede Swimming & Diving Casey Matthews Swimming & Diving
Wisconsin 2014 Reed Connor Track & Field Mary Massei Softball
Illinois 2015 Will Krug Baseball Liz McMahon Volleyball
Indiana 2015 Mark Murphy Football Rebecca Gerrity Water Polo
Iowa 2015 Kevin Lewis Cross Country/Track & Field Samantha Logic Basketball
Maryland 2015 Varun Ram Basketball Malina Howard Basketball
Michigan 2015 Justin Glanda Swimming & Diving Nicole Elmblad Basketball
Michigan State 2015 Mike Sadler Football Abby Barker Field Hockey
Minnesota 2015 Kyle Rau Ice Hockey Jessica Plant Swimming & Diving
Nebraska 2015 John Welk Track & Field Jessie DeZiel Gymnastics
Northwestern 2015 Brandon Vitabile Football Maddy Carpenter Field Hockey
Ohio State 2015 Kevin Metka Tennis Katie Borchers Cross Country
Penn State 2015 Matt Brown Wrestling Nia Grant Volleyball
Purdue 2015 MacKenzie Tweardy Swimming & Diving Jamie Bissett Swimming & Diving
Rutgers 2015 David Milewski Football Betnijah Laney Basketball
Wisconsin 2015 Drew teDuits Swimming & Diving Kimberly Dinh Golf
Illinois 2016 Charlie Danielson Golf Allie Bauch Softball
Indiana 2016 Nick Zeisloft Basketball Nicole Volgraf Field Hockey
Iowa 2016 Mike Gesell Basketball Katie Brown Rowing
Maryland 2016 Michl McCarney Lacrosse Rachelle Beanlands Soccer
Michigan 2016 Mason Ferlic Track & Field Shannon Scavelli Field Hockey
Michigan State 2016 Jack Allen Football Lisa Burt Gymnastics
Minnesota 2016 Aaron Bartnik Cross Country/Track & Field Hannah Brandt Hockey
Nebraska 2016 Shavon Shields Basketball Mattie Fowler Softball
Northwestern 2016 Joey Calistri Soccer Lisa McCarthy Field Hockey
Ohio State 2016 Jacoby Boren Football Catherine Shields Rowing
Penn State 2016 Nico Megaludis Wrestling Britt Eckerstrom Soccer
Purdue 2016 Matthew McClintock Cross Country/Track & Field Katie Hoevet Cross Country/Track & Field
Rutgers 2016 Corey Crawford Track & Field Brianne Reed Soccer
Wisconsin 2016 Joel Stave Football Kelsey Card Track & Field
Illinois 2017 Joe Spencer Football Nicole Evans Softball
Indiana 2017 Derek Creviston Soccer CaraMia Tsirigos Softball
Iowa 2017 Alex Meyer Wrestling Ally Disterhoft Basketball
Maryland 2017 Cody Niedermeier Soccer Zoe Stukenberg Lacrosse
Michigan 2017 Jake Butt Football Nicole Artz Gymnastics
Michigan State 2017 Josiah Price Football Alexis Wiersma Cross Country/Track & Field
Minnesota 2017 Luca Wieland Track & Field Lee Stecklein Hockey
Nebraska 2017 Drew Wiseman Track & Field Tierra Williams Track & Field
Northwestern 2017 Austin Carr Football Nandi Mehta Soccer
Ohio State 2017 Christy Blough Volleyball Emma Baranski Synchronized Swimming
Penn State 2017 David Goodwin Hockey Abby Smucker Lacrosse
Purdue 2017 Jake Replogle Football August Kim Golf
Rutgers 2017 Ken Theobold Wrestling Alyssa Bull Field Hockey
Wisconsin 2017 Connor Medbery Wrestling Lauren Carlini Volleyball
Illinois 2018 Isaiah Martinez Wrestling Nicole Choquette Cross Country/Track & Field
Indiana 2018 Laren Eustace Baseball Tyra Buss Basketball
Iowa 2018 Kevin Docherty Cross Country/Track & Field Zoe Douglas Tennis
Maryland 2018 Alex Leto Track & Field Kristen Confroy Basketball
Michigan 2018 PJ Ransford Swimming & Diving Erin Finn Cross Country/Track & Field
Michigan State 2018 Jimmy Fiscus Soccer Katelyn Daniels Track & Field
Minnesota 2018 Derek Wiebke Cross Country/Track & Field Carlie Wagner Basketball
Nebraska 2018 Chris Stephenson Gymnastics Danielle Breen Gymnastics
Northwestern 2018 Justin Jackson Football Hannah Kim Golf
Ohio State 2018 Kyle Snyder Wrestling Kelsey Mitchell Basketball
Penn State 2018 Zain Retherford Wrestling Haleigh Washington Volleyball
Purdue 2018 Marat Amaltdinov Swimming & Diving Ashley Evans Volleyball
Rutgers 2018 Michael Rexrode Lacrosse Casey Murphy Soccer
Wisconsin 2018 Josh McDonald Track & Field Georgia Ellenwood Track & Field
Illinois 2019 Nick Allegretti Football Ali Bastianelli Volleyball
Indiana 2019 Juwan Morgan Basketball Jessica Parratto Swimming & Diving
Iowa 2019 Matt Nelson Football Megan Gustafson Basketball
Maryland 2019 Jahi Jones Wrestling Abigail Bentz Volleyball
Michigan 2019 Robbie Mertz Soccer Siobhán Haughey Swimming & Diving
Michigan State 2019 Khari Willis Football Jessica Ling Gymnastics
Minnesota 2019 Justin Karstadt Gymnastics Temi Ogunrinde Track & Field
Nebraska 2019 Anton Stephenson Gymnastics Mikaela Foecke Volleyball
Northwestern 2019 Ryan Lumsden Golf Yvonne Chart Fencing
Ohio State 2019 Mason Jobst Ice Hockey Karrington Winters Track & Field
Penn State 2019 Jason Nolf Wrestling Ally McHugh Swimming & Diving
Purdue 2019 David Blough Football Taite Kitchel Swimming & Diving
Rutgers 2019 Anthony Ashnault Wrestling Sarah Johanek Rowing
Wisconsin 2019 D’Cota Dixon Football Annie Pankowski Ice Hockey
Illinois 2020 Michael Paradise Gymnastics Taylor Edwards Basketball/Softball
Indiana 2020 Jake Kleimola Wrestling Emily Powell Water Polo
Iowa 2020 Nate Stanley Football Hannah Greenlee Rowing
Maryland 2020 Jared Bernhardt Lacrosse Kaila Charles Basketball
Michigan 2020 Thomas Cope Swimming & Diving Guadalupe Fernández Lacort Field hockey
Michigan State 2020 Cassius Winston Basketball Gabriella Douglas Gymnastics
Minnesota 2020 Carter Coughlin Football Ivy Lu Gymnastics
Nebraska 2020 Luke Siedhoff Track & Field Sierra Hassel Gymnastics
Northwestern 2020 Jared Thomas Football Kirsten Mansfield Field Hockey
Ohio State 2020 Kollin Moore Wrestling Jincy Dunne Ice Hockey
Penn State 2020 Stephen Nedoroscik Gymnastics Kaleigh Riehl Soccer
Purdue 2020 Jaret Carpenter Cross Country/Track & Field Janae’ Moffitt Track & Field
Rutgers 2020 Jordan Pagano Wrestling Amanda Visco Soccer
Wisconsin 2020 Zach Lorbeck Track & Field Beata Nelson Swimming & Diving
Illinois 2021 Mike Carr Wrestling Tristyn Nowlin Golf
Indiana 2021 Ethan Shepherd Golf Hanna Németh Soccer
Iowa 2021 Spencer Lee Wrestling Anthe Nijziel Field hockey
Maryland 2021 Roman Puglise Lacrosse Grace Griffin Lacrosse
Michigan 2021 Adam Shibley Football Alice Hill Cross country/Track & field
Michigan State 2021 Bryce Kelley Baseball Amanda Ling Swimming & Diving
Minnesota 2021 Jack LaFontaine Hockey Sarah Bacon Swimming & Diving
Nebraska 2021 Evan Hymanson Gymnastics Abigail Knapton Swimming & Diving
Northwestern 2021 Ryan Deakin Wrestling Lindsey Pulliam Basketball
Ohio State 2021 Ryan Terefenko Lacrosse Sade Olatoye Track & Field
Penn State 2021 Pierre Reedy Soccer Kerry Abello Soccer
Purdue 2021 Brandon Loschiavo Swimming & Diving Emily Bretscher Swimming & Diving
Rutgers 2021 Kieran Mullins Lacrosse Gianna Glatz Field hockey
Wisconsin 2021 Linus Weissbach Ice hockey Sydney Hilley Volleyball
Illinois 2022 Blake Hayes Football Megan Cooney Volleyball
Indiana 2022 Ben Veatch Cross country/Track & field Kristen Hayden Swimming & Diving
Iowa 2022 Tyler Linderbaum Football Manuela Lizarazu Golf
Maryland 2022 Logan Wisnauskas Lacrosse Brooke DeBerdine Field hockey
Michigan 2022 Nick Blankenburg Ice hockey Arielle Weissman Lacrosse
Michigan State 2022 Morgan Beadlescomb Cross country/Track & field Lea Mitchell Gymnastics
Minnesota 2022 Gable Steveson Wrestling Bethany Hasz Cross country/Track & field
Nebraska 2022 Dylan LeClair Gymnastics Andy Jacobs Track & Field
Northwestern 2022 Steven Forman Tennis Veronica Burton Basketball
Ohio State 2022 Tyler Johnson Track & Field Izzy Rodriguez Soccer
Penn State 2022 John Harrar Basketball Jonni Parker Volleyball
Purdue 2022 Benjamin Bramley Swimming & Diving Grace Cleveland Volleyball
Rutgers 2022 Geo Baker Basketball Taralyn Naslonski Lacrosse
Wisconsin 2022 Brad Davison Basketball Lauren Barnes Volleyball
Illinois 2023 Adrien Dumont de Chassart Golf Mia Takekawa Gymnastics
Indiana 2023 Andrew Capobianco Swimming & Diving Noelle Peplowski Swimming & Diving
Iowa 2023 Spencer Lee Wrestling Monika Czinano Basketball
Maryland 2023 Nick Lorusso Baseball Diamond Miller Basketball
Michigan 2023 Kevin Buca Soccer Sierra Brooks Gymnastics
Michigan State 2023 Cameron Caffey Wrestling Abby Gardiner Soccer
Minnesota 2023 John Michael Schmitz Football Taylor Heise Ice Hockey
Nebraska 2023 Trent Hixson Football Ieva Turke Track & Field
Northwestern 2023 David Nyfjäll Golf Kayla Blas Field hockey
Ohio State 2023 Kaleb Romero Wrestling Sophie Jaques Ice Hockey
Penn State 2023 Sean Clifford Football Lexie Black Softball
Purdue 2023 Parker Filius Wrestling Maycey Vieta Swimming & Diving
Rutgers 2023 Adam Korsak Football Hannah Joyner Gymnastics
Wisconsin 2023 Trent Hillger Wrestling Kayla Konwent Softball


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