Baten Bahini

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Baten Bahini
LeadersKhandaker Abdul Baten, Mir Shamshul Alam Sahjada and A K M Azad Shahzahan
Dates of operation1971
Active regionsTangail, Manikganj, Pabna, Gazipur, Sirajganj and some parts of Dhaka district
Sizeabout 3,500 fighters and 2,000 volunteer[1]
Part ofMukti Bahini
OpponentsPakistan Army

Baten Bahini was an armed guerrilla force formed in Tangail district in support of independence during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.[2] It was named after its leader, Khandaker Abdul Baten.[3][4] Throughout the war, it conducted a number of successful guerrilla campaigns in Tangail, Manikganj, Pabna, Gazipur, Sirajganj and some parts of Dhaka district.[1] They were operated under 21 companies, 63 platoons and 100 sections.[1] Abdul Baten led a number of guerrilla attacks.[5]

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