Atish Paray

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Atish Paray
AuthorSadat Hasan Manto
Original titleAtish Paray
CountryBritish India
PublisherUrdu Bookstall (Lahore)[1]
Publication date
1936 (first edition)
Media typePrint

Atish Paray (Urdu: آتش پارے, lit.'Nuggets of Fire') is a collection of short stories by Saadat Hasan Manto.


Atish Paray subtitled “a collection of several thought-provoking stories” was published in 1936 while Manto was living in Amritsar.[2] Two stories from this collection Tamasha - Manto's debut story followed by Taqat Ka Imtehan first appeared in a local weekly Khalq (Creation) by Abdul Bari Alig from Amritsar. The collection was however published from Lahore and Manto dedicated this collection to his late father.[2]


There are eight stories in this collection:[1]

  • Khooni Thook (Bloody Spit)
  • Inqalab Pasand (Revolutionary)[a]
  • Ji Aaya Sahab (Coming Sir)[b]
  • Mahigir (Fisherman)[c]
  • Tamasha (Spectacle)[d]
  • Taqat ka Imtehan (Test of Strength)[e]
  • Deewana Shayr (Mad Poet)
  • Chori (Theft)


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