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The Crime Writers of Canada Award for Best Novel is an annual literary award, presented as part of the Crime Writers of Canada Awards of Excellence program to honour books judged as the best crime novel published by a Canadian crime writer in the previous year.


Year Writer Novel Ref
Eric Wright The Night the Gods Smiled [1]
William Deverell Mecca [2]
Ted Wood Dead in the Water [2]
Howard Engel Murder Sees the Light [3]
William Deverell The Dance of Shiva [2]
Douglas Glover Precious [2]
John Reeves Murder Before Matins [2]
Eric Wright Smoke Detector [2]
Eric Wright Death in the Old Country [4]
Maurice Gagnon The Inner Ring [2]
Anthony Hyde The Red Fox [2]
John Reeves Murder with Muskets [2]
L. R. Wright The Suspect [2]
Edward O. Phillips Buried on Sunday [5]
Timothy Findley The Telling of Lies [2]
Alexander Law To an Easy Grave [2]
Ted Wood Fool's Gold [2]
Eric Wright A Single Death [2]
Carol Shields Swann [6]
Joseph Louis Madelaine [2]
Anna Porter Mortal Sins [2]
Eric Wright A Body Surrounded by Water [2]
Chris Scott Jack [7]
William Deverell Platinum Blues [2]
Laurence Gough Death on a #8 Hook (Silent Knives) [2]
Peter Robinson A Dedicated Man [2]


Year Writer Novel Ref
Laurence Gough Hot Shots [8]
Jack Batten Straight No Chaser [2]
John Brady Unholy Ground [2]
William Deverell Mindfield [2]
Peter Robinson The Hanging Valley [2]
L. R. Wright A Chill Rain in January [9]
John Brady Kaddish in Dublin [2]
Laurence Gough Serious Crimes [2]
Brian Moore Lies of Silence [2]
John Lawrence Reynolds And Leave Her Lay Dying [2]
Peter Robinson Caedmon's Song [2]
Peter Robinson Past Reason Hated [10]
Laurence Gough Accidental Deaths [2]
L. R. Wright Fall from Grace [2]
Carsten Stroud Lizardskin [11]
Gail Bowen The Wandering Soul Murders [2]
Laurence Gough Fall Down Easy [2]
Peter Robinson Wednesday's Child [2]
Medora Sale Pursued by Shadows [2]
John Lawrence Reynolds Gypsy Sins [12]
John Brady All Souls [2]
Howard Engel There Was an Old Woman [2]
William Gibson Virtual Light [2]
Gregory Ward Water Damage [2]
L. R. Wright Prized Possessions [2]
Gail Bowen A Colder Kind of Death [13]
Peter Abrahams Lights Out [2]
John Brady The Good Life [2]
John Lawrence Reynolds Solitary Dancer [2]
L. R. Wright A Touch of Panic [2]
L. R. Wright Mother Love [14]
William Deverell Street Legal [2]
Alison Gordon Striking Out [2]
Laurence Gough Heartbreaker [2]
Peter Robinson No Cure for Love [2]
Peter Robinson Innocent Graves [15]
Margaret Atwood Alias Grace [2]
Martin S. Cohen Light from Dead Stars [2]
Sparkle Hayter Nice Girls Finish Last [2]
Frank Smith Fatal Flaw [2]
William Deverell Trial of Passion [16]
Rosemary Aubert Free Reign [2]
C. C. Benison Death at Sandringham House [2]
John Spencer Hill Ghirlandaio's Daughter [2]
Peter Robinson Dead Right (Blood at the Root) [2]
Robert J. Sawyer Illegal Alien [2]
Nora Kelly Old Wounds [17]
Gail Bowen Verdict in Blood [2]
Scott Mackay Cold Comfort [2]
Caroline Roe Remedy for Treason [2]
Jean Ruryk Next Week Will Be Better [2]
Michelle Spring Standing in the Shadows [2]


Year Writer Novel Ref
Rosemary Aubert The Feast of Stephen [18]
Lisa Appignanesi The Dead of Winter [2]
William Deverell Slander [2]
John Farrow City of Ice [2]
Peter Robinson In a Dry Season [2]
Peter Robinson Cold is the Grave [19]
Giles Blunt Forty Words for Sorrow [2]
Brad Smith One Eyed Jacks [2]
Eric Wright The Kidnapping of Rosie Dawn [2]
L. R. Wright Kidnap [2]
Michelle Spring In the Midnight Hour [20]
William Deverell The Laughing Falcon [2]
John Farrow Ice Lake [2]
Rick Mofina Cold Fear [2]
Peter Robinson Aftermath [2]
Rick Mofina Blood of Others [21]
Lou Allin Blackflies Are Murder [2]
Barbara Fradkin Once Upon a Time [2]
Nora Kelly Hot Pursuit [2]
Kathy Reichs Grave Secrets [2]
Giles Blunt The Delicate Storm [22]
Mary Jane Maffini Lament for a Lounge Lizard [2]
Kim Moritsugu The Glenwood Treasure [2]
David Rotenberg The Hua Shan Hospital Murders [2]
Peter Robinson The Summer That Never Was (Close to Home) [2]
Barbara Fradkin Fifth Son [23]
Gail Bowen The Last Good Day [2]
Lyn Hamilton The Magyar Venus [2]
Peter Robinson Playing with Fire [2]
Mark Zuehlke Sweep Lotus [2]
William Deverell April Fool [24]
Rick Blechta Cemetery of the Nameless [2]
Giles Blunt Black Fly Season [2]
Alex Brett Cold Dark Matter [2]
Peter Robinson Strange Affair [2]
Barbara Fradkin Honour Among Men [25]
Linwood Barclay Lone Wolf [2]
Emma Cole Every Secret Thing [2]
Kathy Reichs Break No Bones [2]
Peter Robinson Piece of My Heart [2]
Jon Redfern Trumpets Sound No More [26]
Linwood Barclay No Time for Goodbye [27]
Terry Carroll Snow Candy [27]
Maureen Jennings A Journeyman to Grief [27]
Louise Penny The Cruellest Month [27]
Linwood Barclay Too Close to Home [28]
Maureen Jennings The K Handshape [29]
James W. Nichol Transgression [29]
Louise Penny The Murder Stone [29]
Michael E. Rose The Tsunami File [29]


Year Writer Novel Ref
Howard Shrier High Chicago [30]
Anthony Bidulka Aloha, Candy Hearts [31]
R.J. Harlick Arctic Blue Death [31]
Lee Lamothe Finger's Twist [31]
James W. Nichol Death Spiral [31]
Louise Penny Bury Your Dead [32]
C.B. Forrest Slow Recoil [33]
Mike Knowles In Plain Sight [33]
Jeffrey Moore The Extinction Club [33]
Michael Van Rooy A Criminal to Remember [33]
Peter Robinson Before the Poison [34]
Alan Bradley I Am Half-Sick of Shadows [35]
William Deverell I'll See You in My Dreams [35]
Louise Penny A Trick of the Light [35]
Robert Rotenberg The Guilty Plea [35]
Giles Blunt Until the Night [36]
Linwood Barclay Trust Your Eyes [37]
Sean Chercover The Trinity Game [37]
Stephen Miller The Messenger [37]
Carsten Stroud Niceville [37]
Seán Haldane The Devil's Making [38]
John Brooke Walls of a Mind [39]
Lee Lamothe Presto Variations [39]
Howard Shrier Miss Montreal [39]
Simone St. James An Inquiry into Love and Death [39]
C. C. Humphreys Plague: Murder Has a New Friend [40]
Brenda Chapman Cold Mourning [41]
Barbara Fradkin None So Blind [41]
Maureen Jennings No Known Grave [41]
Alen Mattich Killing Pilgrim [41]
Peter Kirby Open Season [42]
Peggy Blair Hungry Ghosts [43]
John Farrow The Storm Murders [43]
Andrew Hunt A Killing in Zion [43]
Inger Ash Wolfe The Night Bell [43]
Donna Morrissey The Fortunate Brother [44]
Kelley Armstrong City of the Lost [45]
Michael Helm After James [45]
Maureen Jennings Dead Ground in Between [45]
Janet Kellough Wishful Seeing [45]
Peter Robinson Sleeping in the Ground [46]
Gail Bowen The Winners' Circle [47]
John MacLachlan Gray The White Angel [47]
Robyn Harding The Party [47]
Rio Youers The Forgotten Girl [47]
Anne Emery Though the Heavens Fall [48]
Ron Corbett Cape Diamond [49]
Lisa Gabriele The Winters [49]
Louise Penny Kingdom of the Blind [49]
Loreth Anne White The Girl in the Moss [49]


Year Writer Novel Ref
Michael Christie Greenwood [50]
Ian Hamilton Fate [51]
Nicole Lundrigan Hideaway
Melissa Stapley The Last Resort
Loreth Anne White In the Dark
Will Ferguson The Finder [52]
Marjorie Celona How a Woman Becomes a Lake [53]
Cecilia Ekbäck The Historians
Thomas King Obsidian
Roz Nay Hurry Home


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