Arab Basketball Confederation

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Arab Basketball Confederation
Association crest
HeadquartersCairo, Egypt
FIBA affiliationFIBA Africa

The Arab Basketball Confederation (Arabic: الاتحاد العربي لكرة السلة) or simply ABC is a basketball association for countries in the Arab world. It organises the Arab Basketball Championship for national teams in the men and women categories, as well as club championships.[1]


It was founded in 1956 with nine founding members: Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Egypt. The first president was Azer Ishak from Egypt and the headquarters were agreed to be Beirut in Lebanon. In 1975, the first Arab Basketball Championship for national teams was organised in Baghdad.[1]


  1. Egypt Azer Ishak (1965–1974)
  2. Tony Khory (1974–1977)
  3. Iraq Akram Nagy (1977–1991)
  4. Egypt Mohamed Hassanein Omran (1991–2002)
  5. Telal Ben Badr Seaod (2003–2015)
  6. United Arab Emirates Ismail Elkarakawy (2015–present)


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