Apsara Theatre

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Apsara Theatre
AddressRailway station link road,
Kozhikode, Kerala,
Opened8 August 1971
Closed28 June 2023
Years active1971–⁠2023

The Apsara Theatre was a cinema theatre located in the South Indian city of Kozhikode in Kerala, that functioned from 1971 to 2023.[1] It was located on Link Road near Kozhikode railway station. With 1013 seats, Apsara was one of the biggest cinemas in Kerala and a heritage landmark of Kozhikode.[2]


Apsara Theatre was inaugurated on 8 August 1971 by Malayalam actors Prem Naseer and Sharada. The family-owned single screen theatre was founded by Thomman Joseph Kochupuraikal. With a 70.70 mm screen, at the time of its opening, Apsara was advertised as Kerala's largest air-conditioned theatre.[3] It was one of the few theaters in Kerala with more than 1000 seating capacity. The first movie to be screened at Apsara was Abhijatyam directed by A Vincent. Apsara was a family owned theatre. In May 2023, reports came out that Apsara theatre was facing closure due to some disagreement among the members of the family.[4] Also with the advent of multiplexes, it was not financially profitable to run single-screen theatres. On June 28, Apsara had its last show by screening the movie Thrishanku. It was one of the biggest theatres in Kerala and biggest single-screen theatre in Kozhikode until its closure.[5]

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