Andrew Ellicott (miller)

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Andrew Ellicott
ChildrenGeorge, Johnathan, Elias[1]

Andrew Ellicott (1733 – 1809) was one of three Quaker brothers from Bucks County, Province of Pennsylvania who chose the wilderness up river from Elk Ridge Landing (known today as Elkridge, Maryland) to establish a flour mill.[2] John, Andrew, and Joseph Ellicott founded Ellicott's Mills which became one of the largest milling and manufacturing towns in the East.[3]

The Ellicott brothers helped revolutionize farming in the area by persuading farmers to plant wheat instead of tobacco and also by introducing fertilizer to revitalize depleted soil.[4] Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was an early influential convert from tobacco to wheat.[5] Andrew worked principally as a financier leaving his interests to his sons.[6] His sons Jonathan and George Ellicott built their home by the river in Oella, Maryland.[7]

Andrew Ellicott was the uncle of the famous surveyors Andrew Ellicott and Joseph Ellicott.


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