Amerivespa Continental Scooter Rally

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Amerivespa is the largest annual motor scooter rally in the United States. The host city varies each year and the event date may range from May to July. Amerivespa is attended by 600-800 scooter enthusiasts from all over North America, Europe, and Asia. The rallies are joint-hosted by the nonprofit organization Vespa Club of America (VCOA), and scooter clubs local to the host city. All makes of scooters are welcome.

The 28th annual Amerivespa rally will be held in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota on 22–26 June 2022. This rally has been on hiatus since 2020.

Vespa Club of America uses Amerivespa to promote scootering, drive VCOA membership, and to provide a celebratory atmosphere for all scooter enthusiasts. Rally events include; the presence of national and local scooter manufacturers, dealers, and supporting trade organizations displaying their newest products; showcases of the best restored and customized scooters; and group rides around the host city/region led by local scooter clubs.

Amerivespa Host Cities[edit]

Year Host City Event Dates
2022 Twin Cities, MN 22–26 June
2019 Lake Geneva, WI June 19-23
2018 Richmond, VA June 6-10
2017 Seattle, WA July 6–9
2016 Memphis, TN June 23–26
2015 Indianapolis, IN June 11–14
2014 New Orleans, LA June 12–15
2013 San Diego, CA June 27–30
2012 Lake Geneva, WI June 21–24
2011 New Orleans, LA June 16–19
2010 San Antonio, TX May 27–31
2009 Los Gatos, CA Unknown
2008 Chattanooga, TN July 24–27
2007 Seattle, WA July 12–15
2006 Denver, CO Unknown
2005 Cleveland, OH Unknown
2004 Salt Lake City, UT June 24–27
2003 Madison, GA May 23–25
2002 Portland, OR Unknown
2001 Oklahoma City, OK Unknown
2000 San Diego, CA Unknown
1999 San Diego, CA Unknown
1998 Knoxville, TN Unknown
1997 Knoxville, TN Unknown
1996 Manitou Springs, CO Unknown
1995 Manitou Springs, CO Unknown
1994 Springfield, MO Unknown
1993 Springfield, MO Unknown