American Liberty high relief gold coin

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United States
Value100 US dollars
Mass31.10 g (1 troy oz)
Diameter30.61 mm (1.205 in)
EdgeReeded (standard)
Lettered (2017 only)
Composition99.99% Au
Years of minting2015–present (every other year)
Mint marksW
DesignVarious depictions of Liberty (2019 design shown)
Design date2015–present
DesignVarious depictions of eagles
Design date2015–present

The American Liberty high relief gold coin is a one-ounce gold bullion coin issued by the United States Mint since 2015.[1] This coin was the first 100 dollar gold coin to be issued by the US Mint.


The first American Liberty coin was issued in 2015, and new coins have been released every other year since. The coins are struck at the West Point Mint on a 1 oz. 24 karat gold planchet.[1]


Designs for the American Liberty coins are submitted to the US Mint via the Artistic Infusion Program. The United States Commission of Fine Arts reviews the proposed designs and makes recommendations, which the Mint may or may not use.

Year Images Description Production
Obverse Reverse Obverse Design Reverse Design Edge Authorized Maximum Mintage
2015 Standing Liberty holding a torch and an American flag Flying eagle with olive branches in its talons Reeded 50,000[1] 49,325[2]
2017 Liberty wearing a crown of stars Eagle in flight Lettered 100,000[3] TBD
2019 Liberty with 13 rays emanating from her headdress Eagle preparing to land Reeded 50,000[4] TBD


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