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CS Alterna Bank
Alterna Bank
FormerlyCivil Service Loan Corporation (1992—2000)
FoundedOctober 29, 1992; 30 years ago (1992-10-29) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Robert Paterson, President & CEO[1]
Total assetsC$1,080,568,000[2] (2021)
ParentAlterna Savings

CS Alterna Bank (French: Banque CS Alterna), operating as Alterna Bank (French: Banque Alterna), is a Canadian direct bank and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario-based credit union Alterna Savings. The bank offers chequing and high-interest savings accounts and mortgages.

Operating primarily as a direct bank since 2017, most customers access accounts using the bank's website, telephone service, and mobile apps.[3] Unlike most other direct banks, some accounts can also be accessed through branches. There are four Alterna Bank ATM locations in Gatineau, Québec[a], and Alterna Savings branches also administer deposits and loans on its behalf, to which the bank outsources most of its processes.[4] Customers can make debit purchases using their access cards, write cheques, and make surcharge-free transactions at automated teller machines within The Exchange Network.[5] Its flexibility has brought it attention from publications such as The Globe and Mail as a sound alternative to the Big Five banks.[6]

The bank originated as the Civil Service Loan Corporation,[7] founded 29 October 1992[8][9] and operating as CS Loan Corporation.[10] It became CS Alterna Bank after receiving letters patent of continuation on 2 October 2000 as a federally regulated institution under the Bank Act.[11][12] It continues to use the same institution number (#608).[13] Its parent organization, the Civil Service Co-operative Credit Society, operated as CS CO-OP.[14] The merger of CS CO-OP and Metro Credit Union in 2005 created Alterna Savings, adopting its subsidiary's name.[4]

Alterna Bank is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

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  1. ^ Alterna Savings is provincially-incorporated and does not directly offer its services outside Ontario. A federally-regulated institution like Alterna Bank would not be similarly constrained. While federally-incorporated credit unions exist, neither of the two Canadian institutions holding that status (UNI New Brunswick and Coast Capital Savings BC) currently operate outside their respective home province.


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