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Alphonse Poaty-Souchlaty (born 25 March 1941[1]) is a Congolese politician who was Prime Minister of Congo-Brazzaville from 7 August 1989 to 3 December 1990 under President Denis Sassou Nguesso.


Poaty-Souchlaty was born in Kouilou Department in 1941, to Alphonse Souchlaty-Poaty the Elder (died March 24, 1946), ivoirier and traveler, and Alphonsine Ndoko Ntondo.[2]

Political career[edit]

Poaty-Souchlaty was the minister of finance from 1976 to 1983.[3] He served in the government as Minister of Trade and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises from 1986 to July 1989.[1] Following the Fourth Ordinary Congress of the Congolese Labour Party (PCT) in late July 1989, he was appointed as Prime Minister on 7 August, succeeding Ange-Edouard Poungui. The new government headed by Poaty-Souchlaty was named on 13 August.[4]

After a little more than a year in office, Poaty-Souchlaty resigned on 3 December 1990, as the PCT's single-party regime was coming to an end.[5][6] He resigned from the PCT at the same time. Poaty-Souchlaty was said to have disagreed with the president, Denis Sassou Nguesso, about what political course the country should take in the face of widespread demands for change.[6]

After his resignation, Poaty-Souchlaty created the Republican Union for Progress (Union républicaine pour le progrès, URP). During the 1992 parliamentary elections, the URP received three seats.[1] At the same time, Poaty-Souchlaty was a candidate in the August 1992 presidential election, placing 12th with 0.30% of the vote.[7]

After leaving the URP, Poaty-Souchlaty joined the Pan-African Union for Social Democracy (UPADS) in 1992. Although he was not given a position during Pascal Lissouba's presidency from 1992 to 1997,[1] Poaty-Souchlaty was elected as one of the party's 25 vice-presidents in December 2006, at its first extraordinary congress.[1][8]


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