All-Russian Society of Philatelists

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All-Russian Society of Philatelists
Всероссийское общество филателистов
AbbreviationRussian: ВОФ (VOF), Russian: ВОК (VOK)
PredecessorMoscow Society of Philatelists and Collectors
SuccessorAll-Union Society of Philatelists, All-Union Society of Collectors
Formation6 April 1923; 100 years ago (1923-04-06)
Founded atMoscow, USSR
Dissolvedlate 1930s
Legal statusnational association
Purposephilately, scripophily,[a] numismatics, ex-libris collection
Headquarters31 Herzen Street
  • Moscow, USSR
Coordinates55°45′27″N 37°35′54″E / 55.75750°N 37.59833°E / 55.75750; 37.59833
Membership (1926)
~3,000 members
Official language
Secretary General
Leongard Eichfuss
Chairman of the Board
Vladimir Repman (1923–1924)
Leongard Eichfuss (1924–1925)
Boris Bildin (1925–1928)
Kazimir Dunin-Barkovsky (1928–1934)
Deputy Chairman of the Board
B. F. Pamfilov
Second Secretary
B. S. Pashkov
E. I. Markevich
Main organ
Board of the Society
Publication: Soviet Philatelist
Remarksprivate persons, 51 regional branches (1927)

All-Russian Society of Philatelists (Russian: Всероссийское общество филателистов) was the first national philatelic organisation in Soviet Russia established in 1923. Later on, it was subsequently renamed and reorganised into the All-Union Society of Philatelists (Russian: Всесоюзное общество филателистов)[c] and the All-Union Society of Collectors (Russian: Всесоюзное общество коллекционеров).[1][2]

Membership card of the Society, Section of Junior Philatelists, 1924


In Soviet Russia, the first philatelic organisation, Moscow Society of Philatelists and Collectors, appeared in 1918 in Moscow.[2] In 1922, the idea of a new countrywide philatelic society was supported by the Russian Bureau of Philately at the RSFSR National Commissariat of Post and Telegraphs. On 15 March 1923, the charter of the All-Russian Society of Philatelists was approved. On 6 April 1923, its first meeting took place in Moscow.[1][3]

In 1923, 643 collectors joined the All-Russian Society of Philatelists.[4] The society's branches worked in Yerevan, Tiflis, Tashkent, Ashgabat, Baku, and other cities. In 1924–1925, the First All-Union Philatelic Exhibition was held. The All-Russian Society of Philatelists published the Soviet Philatelist magazine (1922–1932). It existed till the late 1930s.[1][3]

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  1. ^ Collecting stock and bond certificates.
  2. ^ Similar to the communist slogan "Workers of the world, unite!".
  3. ^ This organisation was re-established in 1966 as the All-Union Society of Philatelists [Wikidata].


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