Aguner Poroshmoni

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Aguner Poroshmoni
Aguner Poroshmoni cover.jpg
Film's DVD cover
Bengaliআগুনের পরশমণি
Directed byHumayun Ahmed
Written byHumayun Ahmed
Music bySatya Saha
Release date
  • 10 May 1994 (1994-05-10) (Bangladesh)[1]

Aguner Poroshmoni is a 1994 film based on the novel of the same name[2] written and directed by Humayun Ahmed. The film won National Film Award in eight categories including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Plot.[3] It was the first movie directed by Humayun Ahmed.


Humayun Ahmed made his debut as a film-maker by releasing the film. It was a time when the middle-class people of the country had long turned their backs on Bangla cinemas. Unconventional plot, humorous dialogues, lively characters and unique style of story line were the landmarks of the film.[4]



Aguner Poroshmoni
Aguner Poroshmoni cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by
GenreFeature film soundtrack
ProducerNuhash Chalachitra
Satya Saha chronology
Aguner Poroshmoni

The music of the film is scored by Satya Saha. Songs of Rabindranath Tagore and Hason Raja are used in the film.

1."Aguner Poroshmoni"Rabindranath TagoreMita Haque 
2."Nisha Lagilore"Hason RajaShammi Akhtar 
3."Esho Nipobone"Rabindranath TagoreMita Haque 
4."Chader Hashir Badh Bhengeche"Rabindranath TagoreMita Haque 
5."Ora Kara!"Humayun AhmedShofi Kamal 


This film won Bangladesh National Film Award in 8 categories including Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress.


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