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Adams family
Coat of Arms of John Quincy Adams.svg
Current regionMassachusetts, U.S.
Place of originBraintree, Essex, England
Connected familiesBaldwin family (U.S.)
Taft family (U.S.)
Spencer family (UK)
MottoFidem libertatem amicitiam retinebis
("Hold fast to liberty, friendship, and faith")
Estate(s)Peacefield (Quincy, Massachusetts)

The Adams family was a prominent political family in the United States from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries. Based in eastern Massachusetts, they formed part of the Boston Brahmin community. The family traces to Henry Adams of Barton St David, Somerset, in England.[1] The two presidents and their descendants are also descended from John Alden, who came to the United States on the Mayflower.

The Adams family is one of four families to have produced two presidents of the United States by the same surname, the others being the Bush, Roosevelt, and Harrison families.


Woman with deep black hair and dark eyes wearing a blue and pink dress
Abigail Smith Adams – 1766 portrait by Benjamin Blyth
Man in dark gray clothing with dark hair
John Adams – 1766 portrait also by Blyth
Woman with bonnet and dark eyes
Abigail Smith Adams – 1800-1815 portrait by Gilbert Stuart
Man in dark gray clothing with white hair
John Adams – 1800-1815 portrait by Gilbert Stuart
Coat of Arms of President John Adams.

Family tree[edit]

The following is a selective family tree of notable members of the Adams family relative to Charles Francis Adams IV:

President John Quincy AdamsLouisa Catherine JohnsonPeter Chardon BrooksAbigail [Brown]
Charles Francis Adams Sr.Abigail Brown [Brooks]George Caspar CrowninshieldHarriet [Sears]
Charles Francis Adams Jr.John Quincy Adams IIFrances Cadwalader [Crowninshield]
John Quincy Adams IIIGeorge Caspar AdamsCharles Francis Adams IIIFrances [Lovering]Frances C. AdamsArthur AdamsMargery Lee [Sargeant]Abigail ("Hitty") AdamsRobert Homans
Catherine Lovering AdamsHenry Sturgis MorganCharles Francis Adams IVMargaret [Stockton]Children 3 Sons; 1 Daughter
Five SonsAbigail AdamsJames C. MannyAllison AdamsPaul G. HaganTimothy Adams

Harvard University and the Adams family[edit]

Adams House, one of twelve residential colleges at Harvard, is named after John Adams and later members of the Adams family.


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