5th National Assembly of Laos

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5th National Assembly
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30 September 2002 – 8 June 2006
(13 years, 252 days)
TypeSession of the National Assembly of Laos
Election24 February 2002
PresidentPany Yathotou

The 5th National Assembly of Laos was elected by a popular vote on 24 February 2002 and was replaced by the 6th National Assembly on 8 June 2006.[1]


Meeting Start–end Length Session agenda
1st Ordinary Session TBD 26 days
10 items
2nd Ordinary Session TBD 20 days
7 items
3rd Ordinary Session TBD 26 days
? items
4th Ordinary Session TBD 25 days
? items
5th Ordinary Session TBD 14 days
5 items
6th Ordinary Session TBD 23 days
5 items
7th Ordinary Session TBD 14 days
7 items
8th Ordinary Session TBD 22 days
? items
9th Ordinary Session TBD 7 days
? items
10th Ordinary Session TBD 16 days
? items


Constituency Name Akson Lao 4th NA 6th NA Gender National Assembly LPRP
1 Vientiane C. Thongloun Sisoulith New Not Male
2 Vientiane C. Bountiem Phissamay New Not Male
3 Vientiane C. Kham-ouane Boupha New Not Male
4 Vientiane C. Somok Kingsada New Not Male
5 Vientiane C. Saythong Keodouangdy New Not Male
6 Vientiane C. Bang-on Xayalath New Not Male
7 Vientiane C. Souvanpheng Bouphanouvong New Not Female
8 Vientiane C. Thongmy Phomvixay New Not Male
9 Vientiane C. Thongdam Xaiyakassa New Not Male
10 Vientiane C. Thongvankham Sitthilath New Not Female
11 Vientiane C. Viseth Savengsuksa New Not Male
12 Vientiane C. Ounheuane Phothirath New Not Male
13 Phongsaly Khamsane Souvong New Not Male
14 Phongsaly Chansouk Silavong New Not Female
15 Phongsaly Afu Laoly New Not Male
16 Luang Namtha Latsamy Mingboupha New Not Female
17 Luang Namtha Aloun Lokhamlouy New Not Male
18 Luang Namtha Channong Sontaath New Not Male
19 Oudomxay Thongphan Chanthalanonh New Not Female
20 Oudomxay Bounlom Xaiyavong New Not Male
21 Oudomxay Khamlong Soulivong New Not Male
22 Oudomxay Yaleu Tongeng New Not Male
23 Oudomxay Somchanh Chitvongdeuan New Not Female
24 Bokeo Bounlam Viengsavanh New Not Male
25 Bokeo Bouasing Silipanya New Not Female
26 Bokeo Thongsy Viengvankham New Not Male
27 Luang Prabang Vongchanh Phomsavath New Not Male
28 Luang Prabang Vongpheth Saikeuyachongtoua New Not Male
29 Luang Prabang Douangsavath Souphanouvong New Not Male
30 Luang Prabang Bounxou Heuangthonexay New Not Male
31 Luang Prabang Khamphay Latsamy New Not Male
32 Luang Prabang Khampheng Heuangviseth New Not Male
33 Luang Prabang Amone Sirivong New Not Female
34 Luang Prabang Vanthong Phommaly New Not Female
35 Xayaboury Onechanh Thammavong Old Not Female
36 Xayaboury Mek Phanlack New Not Male
37 Xayaboury Bounphak Inthapanya New Not Female
38 Xayaboury Bounthone Chitvilaphonh New Not Male
39 Xayaboury Somlith Peuakkeo New Not Male
40 Xayaboury Tong Yeutho New Not Male
41 Xayaboury Amexiong Yialeng New Not Male
42 Houaphanh Chaleun Yiapaoher New Not Male
43 Houaphanh Khamphanh Phimmavong New Not Male
44 Houaphanh Duangdy Outthachak New Not Male
45 Houaphanh Bounmy Singthonphanh New Not Male
46 Houaphanh Bounthanh Boungkhoun New Not Male
47 Xiangkhouang Outhen Masisonxay New Not Female
48 Xiangkhouang Phimmaha Sengkhamyong New Not Male
49 Xiangkhouang Pany Yathotou Old Not Female
50 Xiangkhouang Khamdy Onlavong New Not Male
51 Vientiane P. Venthong Louangvilay New Not Male
52 Vientiane P. Khammeung Phongthady New Not Male
53 Vientiane P. Khammay Anousone New Not Male
54 Vientiane P. Khamsing Sayakone New Not Male
55 Vientiane P. Sanith Sangkham New Not Male
56 Vientiane P. Inkham Phandara New Not Female
57 Bolikhamxay Bouasy Lovansay New Not Male
58 Bolikhamxay Khamphanh Sitthidampha New Not Male
59 Bolikhamxay Inta Saymounkham New Not Female
60 Bolikhamxay Somchai Xonglavang New Not Male
61 Khammouane Thaiyaphone Singthong New Not Male
62 Khammouane Khamlek Keosomphanh New Not Male
63 Khammouane Bounpone Boudtanavong New Not Male
64 Khammouane Phamy Soumaly New Not Female
65 Khammouane Khammany Inthirath New Not Male
66 Khammouane Samane Souvannasao New Not Male
67 Savannakhet Saysomphone Phomvihane New Not Male
68 Savannakhet Thongteun Sayasen New Not Male
69 Savannakhet Keyoun Nhotsayviboun New Not Male
70 Savannakhet Khampheuy Phanthachone New Not Male
71 Savannakhet Akhom Tounalom New Not Male
72 Savannakhet Nam Viyaketh New Not Male
73 Savannakhet Koukeo Akkhamonti New Not Male
74 Savannakhet Somboun Sonthikoummane New Not Male
75 Savannakhet Somchanh Chouangbaykham New Not Male
76 Savannakhet Lamngeun Khampaseutsaya New Not Male
77 Savannakhet Bounyong Boupha New Not Female
78 Savannakhet Bouangeun Xaphouvong New Not Male
79 Savannakhet Nidthana Phothisane New Not Female
80 Savannakhet Bounkeut Bounphaacksone New Not Male
81 Savannakhet Somphet Inthathilath New Not Male
82 Savannakhet Bounmy Khadtivong New Not Female
83 Saravan Nouing Hengsombath New Not Male
84 Saravan Phouvieng Saithammavong New Not Male
85 Saravan Thongsa Panyasith New Not Male
86 Saravan Mongkhon Vilay New Not Male
87 Saravan Somxay Pholakhamphi New Not Male
88 Saravan Venphet Latdavong New Not Male
89 Champasak Samane Vignaket Old Not Male
90 Champasak Sengkham Phomkhe New Not Male
91 Champasak Sompone Khagnong-ek New Not Male
92 Champasak Phetsamone Vongphouthone New Not Male
93 Champasak Sanyahack Phomvihane New Not Male
94 Champasak Meksavanh Phomphithak New Not Male
95 Champasak Sithong Thongkeo New Not Male
96 Champasak Phonethep Pholsena New Not Male
97 Champasak Bounkeuth Sangsomsack New Not Male
98 Champasak Sisay Leudethmounsone New Not Female
99 Champasak Sipaseuth Sensavath New Not Male
100 Champasak Sifong Boudta New Not Male
101 Sekong Chanthaboun Keosanga New Not Male
102 Sekong Bounhieng Bounchith New Not Female
103 Sekong Sida Souvannasay New Not Male
104 Attapeu Vanthong Viengphachanh New Not Male
105 Attapeu Let Xayaphone New Not Male
106 Attapeu Olay Kongbouakham New Not Female
107 Xaysomboun Vanna Tho Yiatu New Not Male
108 Xaysomboun Singxay Vanthongthib New Not Male
109 Xaysomboun Bounsouk Soundara New Not Male



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