2nd Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party

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The 2nd Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (2nd CC LPRP) was elected by the 2nd National Congress on 6 February 1972,[1] and remained in session until the election of the 3rd Central Committee on 27 April 1982.[2] In between convocations of the party congresses the Central Committee is the highest decision-making institution in the party.[3] The 2nd Central Committee was not a permanent institution and delegated day-to-day work to elected central guidance bodies, such as the Politburo and the Secretariat. It convened meetings, known as "Plenary Session of the 2nd Central Committee", to discuss major policies.[4] The 2nd CC was composed of 23 members and 6 alternates,[5] and at its 1st Plenary Session on 6 February 1972 it elected a seven-man 2nd Politburo, a four-man 2nd Secretariat and elected Kaysone Phomvihane to the office General Secretary of the Central Committee.[1] As well as electing the party's central bodies, the 2nd National Congress formulated the general party line of the 2nd CC.[5] The line reaffirmed the party's commitment to the theories of national people's democratic revolution in Laos and of constructing socialism by bypassing capitalism.[5]


Rank Name Akson Lao 1st CC 3rd CC Gender
1 Kaysone Phomvihane ໄກສອນ ພົມວິຫານ Old Reelected Male
2 Nouhak Phoumsavanh ໜູຮັກ ພູມສະຫວັນ Old Reelected Male
3 Souphanouvong ສຸພານຸວົງ Old Reelected Male
4 Phoumi Vongvichit ພູມີ ວົງວິຈິດ Old Reelected Male
5 Khamtai Siphandon ຄໍາໄຕ ສີພັນດອນ Old Reelected Male
6 Phoun Sipaseuth ພູນ ສີປະເສີດ Old Reelected Male
7 Sisomphon Lovansay ສີສົມພອນ ລໍວັນໄຊ Old Reelected Male
8 Sali Vongkhamsao ສາລີ ວົງຄໍາຊາວ Old Reelected Male
9 Sisavath Keobounphanh ສີສະຫວາດ ແກ້ວບຸນພັນ Old Reelected Male
10 Samane Vignaket ສະໝານ ວິຍະເກດ New Reelected Male
11 Maichantan Sengmani ໄມຈັນຕານ ແສງມະນີ New Reelected Male
12 Maisouk Saisompheng ໄມສຸກ ໄຊສົມແພງ New Reelected Male
13 Chanmi Douangboutdi ຈັນມີ ດວງບຸດດີ New Reelected Male
14 Thit Mouan Saochanthala ທິດມ່ວນ ສາວຈັນທະລາ Old Reelected Male
15 Meun Somvichit ໝື່ນ ສົນວິຈິດ Old Reelected Male
16 Souk Vongsak ເຈົ້າສຸກ ວົງສັກ New Reelected Male
17 Ma Khaikhamphithoun ມາ ໄຂຄຳພິທູນ New Reelected Male
18 Somseun Khampithoun ຊົມຊື່ນ ຄຳພິທູນ Old Died Male
19 Khamsouk Saignaseng ຄຳສຸກ ໄຊຍະແສງ Old Reelected Male
20 Boualang Boualapha ບົວລາງ ບົວລະພາ New Reelected Male
21 Sounthon Thepasa ສູນທອນ ເທບອາສາ New Reelected Male
22 Sanan Soutthichak ສະນັ່ນ ສຸດທິ​ຈັກ Old Reelected Male
23 Khampheng Boupha ຄຳແພງ ບຸບຜາ New Reelected Female


Rank Name Akson Lao 3rd CC Gender
1 Khambou Sounisai ຄຳບູ່ ສຸນີໄຊ Reelected Male
2 Nhiavu Lobliayao ເຍຍວື ລໍເບຼຍຢາວ Reelected Male
3 Siphon Phalikhan ສີພອນ ຜາລີຂັນ Reelected Male
4 Somsak Saisongkham ສົມສັກ ໄຊສົງຄາມ Reelected Male
5 Sisana Sisane ສີສະນະ ສີສານ Reelected Male
6 Khamphay Boupha ຄຳເພັງ ບຸບຜາ Reelected Male


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