2022 open letter from Nobel laureates in support of Ukraine

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On 1 March 2022, an open letter from a group of Nobel Prize laureates was published in support of Ukraine, following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[1] The letter was published simultaneously in English, Russian and Ukrainian. More than 200 Nobel laureates have signed the open letter.


At the beginning of the letter, the signing Nobel laureates expressed their support for the independence of the Ukrainian people and freedom of the Ukrainian state in the face of the Russian invasion of the country. The open letter was published online on 2 March, after being circulated to Nobel laureates the previous day. In the open letter, there is a call for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, along with criticism of the unjustified atrocities of the Russian invasion and that it violated the Charter of the United Nations.[2] The letter also includes the view that it distinguishes between the actions and views of President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who ordered the invasion, and the Russian general public; the letter states that it does not believe that the Russian people are involved in, or responsible for, the invasion.[3]

In addition to the open letter itself, several individual statements from prominent figures were posted on the same website that hosted the open letter. These include personal statements from former U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, and from the 14th Dalai Lama.[4]

The letter was drafted by Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann. Hoffmann’s family, who are Jewish, were hid by Ukrainians from the Nazis for eighteen months, from January 1943 to June 1944.[5][6] He also spent a year in Russia during grad school. He sent his draft to fellow Nobel laureate Richard J. Roberts. Roberts maintains a website, nlcampaigns.org, where issues laureates care about are publicized. Through the website, he shared the letter and got signatures.[1]

List of signatories[edit]

This is a list of signatories to the open letter, as of 1 April 2022.[7]

Name Nationality Year of award Area
Peter Agre  United States 2003 Chemistry
James P. Allison  United States 2018 Medicine
Harvey J. Alter  United States 2020 Medicine
Hiroshi Amano  Japan 2014 Physics
Werner Arber   Switzerland 1978 Medicine
Óscar Arias  Costa Rica 1987 Peace
Frances Arnold  United States 2018 Chemistry
Richard Axel  United States 2004 Medicine
David Baltimore  United States 1975 Medicine
Barry Barish  United States 2017 Physics
Georg Bednorz  Germany 1987 Physics
Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo  East Timor 1996 Peace
Paul Berg  United States 1980 Chemistry
Bruce Beutler  United States 2011 Medicine
Elizabeth Blackburn  Australia /  United States 2009 Medicine
Michael Stuart Brown  United States 1985 Medicine
Linda B. Buck  United States 2004 Medicine
William C. Campbell  Ireland /  United States 2015 Medicine
Mario Capecchi  Italy /  United States 2007 Medicine
Jimmy Carter  United States 2002 Peace
Thomas Cech  United States 1989 Chemistry
Martin Chalfie  United States 2008 Chemistry
Emmanuelle Charpentier  France 2020 Chemistry
Steven Chu  United States 1997 Physics
Aaron Ciechanover  Israel 2004 Chemistry
J. M. Coetzee  South Africa /  Australia 2003 Literature
Elias James Corey  United States 1990 Chemistry
Robert Curl  United States 1996 Chemistry
Angus Deaton  United Kingdom 2015 Economics
Johann Deisenhofer  Germany 1988 Chemistry
Jennifer Doudna  United States 2020 Chemistry
Jacques Dubochet   Switzerland 2017 Chemistry
Shirin Ebadi  Iran 2003 Peace
Robert F. Engle  United States 2003 Economics
Gerhard Ertl  Germany 2007 Chemistry
Eugene Fama  United States 2013 Economics
Andrew Fire  United States 2006 Medicine
Joachim Frank  Germany /  United States 2017 Chemistry
Jerome Isaac Friedman  United States 1990 Physics
Leymah Gbowee  Liberia 2011 Peace
Andre Geim  United Kingdom /  Netherlands 2010 Physics
Reinhard Genzel  Germany 2020 Physics
Andrea M. Ghez  United States 2020 Physics
Sheldon Glashow  United States 1979 Physics
Joseph L. Goldstein  United States 1985 Medicine
Carol W. Greider  United States 2009 Medicine
David Gross  United States 2004 Physics
Duncan Haldane  United Kingdom /  Slovenia 2016 Physics
Jeffrey C. Hall  United States 2017 Medicine
John L. Hall  United States 2005 Physics
Serge Haroche  France /  Morocco 2012 Physics
Oliver Hart  United Kingdom /  United States 2016 Economics
Leland H. Hartwell  United States 2001 Medicine
Klaus Hasselmann  Germany 2021 Physics
Harald zur Hausen  Germany 2008 Medicine
Richard Henderson  United Kingdom 2017 Chemistry
Dudley R. Herschbach  United States 1986 Chemistry
Avram Hershko  Hungary /  Israel 2004 Chemistry
Roald Hoffmann  Poland /  United States 1981 Chemistry
Jules A. Hoffmann  Luxembourg /  France 2011 Medicine
Bengt Holmström  Finland 2016 Economics
Tasuku Honjo  Japan 2018 Medicine
Gerard 't Hooft  Netherlands 1999 Physics
H. Robert Horvitz  United States 2002 Medicine
Michael Houghton  United Kingdom 2020 Medicine
Robert Huber  Germany 1988 Chemistry
Tim Hunt  United Kingdom 2001 Medicine
Louis Ignarro  United States 1998 Medicine
Kazuo Ishiguro  United Kingdom /  Japan 2017 Literature
Elfriede Jelinek  Austria 2004 Literature
David Julius  United States 2021 Medicine
William Kaelin Jr.  United States 2019 Medicine
Takaaki Kajita  Japan 2015 Physics
Eric Kandel  Austria /  United States 2000 Medicine
Tawakkol Karman  Yemen /  Turkey 2011 Peace
Wolfgang Ketterle  Germany /  United States 2001 Physics
Klaus von Klitzing  Germany 1985 Physics
Brian Kobilka  United States 2012 Chemistry
Roger D. Kornberg  United States 2006 Chemistry
J. Michael Kosterlitz  United Kingdom /  United States 2016 Physics
Finn E. Kydland  Norway 2004 Economics
The 14th Dalai Lama  Tibet /  India 1989 Peace
Yuan T. Lee  Taiwan 1986 Chemistry
Robert Lefkowitz  United States 2012 Chemistry
Anthony James Leggett  United Kingdom /  United States 2003 Physics
Jean-Marie Lehn  France 1987 Chemistry
Michael Levitt  United Kingdom /  South Africa 2013 Chemistry
Tomas Lindahl  United Kingdom /  Sweden 2015 Chemistry
Benjamin List  Germany 2021 Chemistry
Roderick MacKinnon  United States 2003 Chemistry
David MacMillan  United Kingdom /  United States 2021 Chemistry
Barry Marshall  Australia 2005 Medicine
Eric Maskin  United States 2007 Economics
John C. Mather  United States 2006 Physics
Michel Mayor   Switzerland 2019 Physics
Arthur B. McDonald  Canada 2015 Physics
Daniel McFadden  United States 2000 Economics
Craig Mello  United States 2006 Medicine
Robert C. Merton  United States 1997 Economics
Hartmut Michel  Germany 1988 Chemistry
Paul Milgrom  United States 2020 Economics
Paul L. Modrich  United States 2015 Chemistry
William E. Moerner  United States 2014 Chemistry
Edvard Moser  Norway 2014 Medicine
May-Britt Moser  Norway 2014 Medicine
Gérard Mourou  France 2018 Physics
Herta Müller  Romania /  Germany 2009 Literature
Ferid Murad  United States 1998 Medicine
Roger Myerson  United States 2007 Economics
Erwin Neher  Germany 1991 Medicine
Ryoji Noyori  Japan 2001 Chemistry
Paul Nurse  United Kingdom 2001 Medicine
Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard  Germany 1995 Medicine
Barack Obama  United States 2009 Peace
John O'Keefe  United Kingdom /  United States 2014 Medicine
Yoshinori Ohsumi  Japan 2016 Medicine
Orhan Pamuk  Turkey 2006 Literature
Ardem Patapoutian  Lebanon /  United States 2021 Medicine
Jim Peebles  Canada /  United States 2019 Physics
Edmund Phelps  United States 2006 Economics
William Daniel Phillips  United States 1997 Physics
Hugh David Politzer  United States 2004 Physics
Stanley B. Prusiner  United States 1997 Medicine
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan  United Kingdom /  India 2009 Chemistry
Peter J. Ratcliffe  United Kingdom 2019 Medicine
Maria Ressa  Philippines /  United States 2021 Peace
Charles M. Rice  United States 2020 Medicine
Adam Riess  United States 2011 Physics
Richard J. Roberts  United Kingdom 1993 Medicine
Michael Rosbash  United States 2017 Medicine
Alvin E. Roth  United States 2012 Economics
James Rothman  United States 2013 Medicine
Bert Sakmann  Germany 1991 Medicine
Juan Manuel Santos  Colombia 2016 Peace
Kailash Satyarthi  India 2014 Peace
Jean-Pierre Sauvage  France 2016 Chemistry
Randy Schekman  United States 2013 Medicine
Brian Schmidt  United States /  Australia 2011 Physics
Gregg L. Semenza  United States 2019 Medicine
Phillip Allen Sharp  United States 1993 Medicine
Karl Barry Sharpless  United States 2001 Chemistry
Dan Shechtman  Israel 2011 Chemistry
Robert J. Shiller  United States 2013 Economics
Hideki Shirakawa  Japan 2000 Chemistry
Hamilton O. Smith  United States 1978 Medicine
Wole Soyinka  Nigeria 1986 Literature
Fraser Stoddart  United Kingdom /  United States 2016 Chemistry
Horst Ludwig Störmer  Germany /  United States 1998 Physics
Donna Strickland  Canada 2018 Physics
Jack W. Szostak  United Kingdom /  Canada 2009 Medicine
Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr.  United States 1993 Physics
Kip Thorne  United States 2017 Physics
Susumu Tonegawa  Japan 1987 Medicine
Daniel C. Tsui  China /  United States 1998 Physics
Harold E. Varmus  United States 1989 Medicine
John E. Walker  United Kingdom 1997 Chemistry
Arieh Warshel  Israel /  United States 2013 Chemistry
Rainer Weiss  Germany /  United States 2017 Physics
M. Stanley Whittingham  United Kingdom /  United States 2019 Chemistry
Eric F. Wieschaus  United States 1995 Medicine
Torsten Wiesel  Sweden 1981 Medicine
Frank Wilczek  United States 2004 Physics
Jody Williams  United States 1997 Peace
David J. Wineland  United States 2012 Physics
Kurt Wüthrich   Switzerland 2002 Chemistry
Shinya Yamanaka  Japan 2012 Medicine
Michael W. Young  United States 2017 Medicine

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