2022 Panjgur and Naushki raids

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2022 Panjgur and Naushki raids
Part of Insurgency in Balochistan
LocationPanjgur District, Nushki
Date2 February 2022 (2022-02-02)
TargetFrontier Corps Balochistan bases in Panjgur and Noshki
Attack type
Shooting, suicide bombing
Deaths20 militants, 9 security personnel[1]
PerpetratorsBalochistan Liberation Army
MotiveBalochi nationalism

The 2022 Panjgur and Naushki raids were a series of attacks on the Pakistani Frontier Corps in Balochistan claimed by the Balochistan Nationalist Army (BLA), a newly formed Balochi separatist group with ties to the Balochistan Liberation Army.[2][3] On February 2, the militants attacked both the Frontier Corps base in Nushki and an outpost in Panjgur District,[4] as part of the insurgency in Balochistan.

Pakistani authorities said that the BLA militants were assisted by Afghanistan and India during the attacks, and that the attackers had state-of-the-art equipment and weaponry obtained from abandoned US military caches in Afghanistan after the 2021 Fall of Kabul which included M-16s, M4 carbines, night vision goggles, bullet-proof vests, and many US-made sniper rifles and pistols.[5][6]

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