2022 Azadi March II

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2022 Azadi March II
Part of 2022–2023 Pakistan political unrest
Date28 October 2022 – 26 November 2022
Countrywide followed by marches to Islamabad[1]
Caused by

Government and its supporters:

Lead figures
5,000+ policemen Before Attack Now 15,000 [8]

10,000 – 25,000+ protesters.[9]

60,000 - 70,000+ (As of 26 November in Rawalpindi)
Casualties and losses
4 protesters killed & Sadaf Naeem a news journalist death in accidental Incident[10]
5+ protesters arrested[7]
9+ protesters Injured (including Imran Khan and Faisal Javed Khan).[11][12]
Other protests

The 2022 Azadi March II (Urdu: آزادی مارچ, romanizedĀzādī Mārch, lit.'Freedom March') was a protest march led by Imran Khan, former prime minister of Pakistan, from Lahore to Islamabad against the Shehbaz Sharif ministry. It succeeded 2022 Azadi March I, which took place in May.

There was an attempted assassination of Imran Khan during the early days of the march. Khan decided to push for the dissolution of the provincial assemblies of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to force early elections instead of continuing the march. Continued dispute between PTI and the federal government of Pakistan on the holding of elections leading to arbitration at the Supreme Court

March stop points[edit]


Imran ultimately announced on 25 October 2022, that the long march will begin on 28 October, from Liberty Chowk, Lahore, and will end in Islamabad before turning into a sit-in.[15][16][17]


Sadaf Naeem death[edit]

On 30 October 2022, Sadaf Naeem, a journalist for a Pakistani news TV channel died in an accident while trying to cover the march in close proximity.[18] She tried to climb Khan's truck and lost her balance, fell on the ground, and was run-over by the truck.[19] She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.[10]

On her death, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's leadership expressed shock and grief. Imran Khan announced a stop to his Azadi March for the day. He also visited her residence in order to offer condolences to her family.[20] The PTI wished for appointment of a new COAS.[18]

Shooting of Imran Khan[edit]

Assassination attempt[edit]

On 3 November, while giving a speech to his supporters, shots were fired by unidentified gunmen at Khan's container-mounted-truck. According to an aide of Khan, the truck was fired at six times.[21] A Khan supporter by the name of Ibtisam[22] tried to tackle the gunman.[23] One other supporter was shot dead attempting to tackle the shooter.[22] A burst of gunfire happened first, then, moments later, a single pistol fire sound.[citation needed]

Khan was shot in the shin and thigh on the right leg and was transferred to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Lahore, where he underwent treatment. His doctor, Faisal Sultan, said that X-rays and scans showed bullet fragments lodged in Khan's legs, and that his tibia was fractured.[24] A leader of the PTI said that his condition was stable.[25] He was then discharged from the hospital on the 6th of November.

In total, nine people were injured, including Imran Khan and Senator Faisal Javed Khan, and one person was killed.[11][12]


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