2016 Oakland riots

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2016 Oakland election riots
Part of the protests against Donald Trump
DateNovember 9–12, 2016
Caused byElection of Donald Trump as president
MethodsProtests, rioting, vandalism,[1] looting,[2] arson[3]
Parties to the civil conflict
Local demonstrators
Injuries3 [5][6]

From November 9–12, 2016, protests occurred in Oakland, California, against the election of Donald Trump. While originally peaceful, these protests became violent, with protesters lighting trash cans and cars and a building on fire and smashing store windows and throwing bottles at police. Thirty protesters were arrested, and three officers were injured.


Shocked and angered at the election results, students marched out of Berkeley and into Oakland in the early morning hours of November 9. As they marched into Oakland, more people joined the protest. The protesters blocked roads and lit several trash cans and newspaper boxes on fire in the middle of the streets.[7] Protesters vandalized cars and burned American flags for hours in Oakland.[8]

On the night of November 9, protesters returned to downtown Oakland to express anger over the election of Donald Trump. While the protest began peaceful, it descended into violence later that night. Protesters lit bonfires in the street, set dumpsters and garbage cans on fire and clashed with riot police throughout the night.[9][10] A police cruiser was also set ablaze by angry demonstrators in downtown.[11]

On November 11, several hundred protesters blocked a freeway in Oakland for an hour.[citation needed]


Overall, 30 people were arrested and eleven were issued citations. Three police officers were injured.[12]

Other than the Oakland Police Department, twelve law enforcement agencies were involved.[12] Authorities stated that there were 16 reports of vandalism against businesses in Oakland over two nights, and a vandalism incident in which the three Pleasanton Police Department SUVs had their windows smashed and were defaced by graffiti.[12]

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