2016 Costa Mesa protests

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2016 Costa Mesa protests
Part of Protests against Donald Trump
DateApril 28, 2016
Caused byTrump rally in Costa Mesa
MethodsProtesting, rioting,[1][2] vandalism[3][4][5]
Parties to the civil conflict
Local demonstrators
several hundred

On the night of April 28, 2016, a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California was confronted by a crowd of anti-Trump protesters. The protesters became violent and began smashing car windows, even attempting to overturn a police cruiser, and one Trump supporter suffered a bloody gash to the face from a protester.[8] Down the street from where protesters were jumping on a police car, several protesters climbed a traffic light to shout "Fuck Trump," and others began a mosh pit in the middle of the street.[9] The protesters also threw rocks at police lines and scuffled with Trump supporters leaving the event.[10] Traffic was backed up for hours due to the unrest and 20 people were arrested on numerous charges.[11]


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