2008 Trinidad and Tobago presidential election

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2008 Trinidad and Tobago presidential election

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73 members of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago
37 Electoral votes needed to win
  Professor George Maxwell Richards 1 (cropped 2).jpg
Nominee George Maxwell Richards
Party Independent
Electoral vote Unopposed

President before election

George Maxwell Richards

Elected President

George Maxwell Richards

Indirect presidential elections were held in Trinidad and Tobago on 11 February 2008.[1]

The incumbent George Maxwell Richards was expected to be reelected after being approved as the only nominee by 15 MPs on 4 February 2008.[2]

The election was held through an electoral college consisting of a joint sitting of the two houses of parliament consisting of 73 representatives,[3] and Richards was reelected as expected.[4]

The Opposition party nominated no candidate, in part as a protest to a foregone conclusion of the result and a boycott of the process.