2006 Azad Kashmiri general election

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2006 Azad Kashmir general election
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  First party Second party Third party
Seats won 24 10 4

  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Jamaat-i-Islami Independents
Seats won 1 2

General elections were held in Azad Kashmir on 11 July 2006 to elect the members of eighth assembly of Azad Kashmir. Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan and Raja Zulqarnain Khan were respectively elected as Prime Minister and President of Azad Kashmir.[1] The All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference won 31 out of 49 seats. [2]

Reliability of Results[edit]

Candidates from the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front and other pro-independence groups were not allowed to run; local law prohibits persons expressing views counter to "the ideology of Pakistan, the ideology of the State’s accession to Pakistan or the sovereignty, integrity of Pakistan" from running for office. Opposition groups saw the vote as rigged in favour of the Pakistani federal government. Result for la 13 Raja mubasher 3700 Attiq Ahmed 12451



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