1st Florida Cavalry Regiment (Union)

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1st Florida Cavalry Regiment
ActiveOctober 29, 1863 – November 17, 1865
DisbandedNovember 17, 1865
Country United States
EngagementsAmerican Civil War

The 1st Florida Cavalry Regiment was a cavalry regiment from Florida that served in the Union Army from October 29, 1863 – November 17, 1865 during the American Civil War.


The regiment was formed by General Nathaniel P. Banks on October 29, 1863, and organized at Fort Barrancas from December, 1863 – August, 1864. It was attached to the 2nd and 3rd Brigades, District West Florida, Army of the Gulf until January 1865, and to the 2nd Brigade of John P. Lucas' Cavalry Division until May 1865.

The regiment saw action in the surrounding area of Fort Barrancas. In 1864, such action included a July 21–25 expedition to Pollard, Alabama, a September 18 – October 4 expedition to Marianna, Florida, an October 25–28 expedition up Blackwater Bay, a November 16–17 expedition to Pine Barren Creek, and a December 13–14 expedition to Pollard. In 1865, the unit went on a February 22–25 expedition to Milton, Florida before taking part in the March 18 – April 9 campaign against Mobile, Alabama and its defenses. This campaign included action at the Battle of Newton and the Battle of Fort Blakely. After the occupation of Mobile on April 12, the regiment marched towards Montgomery, Alabama. It served in Alabama until May when it was ordered back to Barrancas, from where the regiment continued to serve in Western and Middle Florida. The regiment was mustered out on November 17, 1865.[1]

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  • On May 19, 1865 at Hobdy's Bridge, in Eufaula, Alabama, a CS detachment attacked a 44-man detachment from Company "C" and "F" 1st Florida Cavalry Regiment, resulting in one soldier being killed and three wounded.[citation needed]


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