1 November 1954 Stadium (El Oued)

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Stade 1er Novembre 1954
Full name1er Novembre 1954
LocationCite Elchott Route de Tebissa El Oued, El Oued, Algeria
OwnerOPOW El Oued
OperatorNT Souf
SurfaceArtificial turf
Opened11 February 1998
NT Souf

Stade 1er Novembre 1954 is a multi-use stadium in El Oued, Algeria.It is currently used mostly for football matches and athletics stadium is the home ground of NT Souf. NT Souf is. The stadium holds 7,200 spectators.[1] Number of football tournament has been held in this stadium.


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Coordinates: 36°28′34″N 5°25′43″E / 36.4760193°N 5.4285798°E / 36.4760193; 5.4285798