1 Decembrie

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1 Decembrie
Location in Ilfov County
Location in Ilfov County
1 Decembrie is located in Romania
1 Decembrie
1 Decembrie
Location in Romania
Coordinates: 44°17′N 26°4′E / 44.283°N 26.067°E / 44.283; 26.067Coordinates: 44°17′N 26°4′E / 44.283°N 26.067°E / 44.283; 26.067
Time zoneEET/EEST (UTC+2/+3)
Vehicle reg.IF

1 Decembrie is a commune in the south of Ilfov County, Muntenia, Romania, composed of a single village, 1 Decembrie. It also included Copăceni village until 2005, when it was split off to form a separate commune. It has a population of 9,436, of which 9,067 (96.08%) are Romanians and 363 (3.84%) are Roma (Gypsies).[2]

Originally named Copăcenii de Sus, in the 1930s the village changed its name to Regele Ferdinand, in memory of King Ferdinand of Romania.

After the Communist takeover in mid-1940s, the name was changed to 30 Decembrie (December 30), to commemorate the day when the country became a republic in 1947.

In 1996, following the Romanian Revolution, the name was changed to 1 Decembrie (December 1) - the day when the Kingdom of Romania was united with Transylvania in 1918.


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