1985 Pakistani general election in Islamabad

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1985 Pakistani general election in Islamabad

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1 seat from Islamabad in the National Assembly
Turnout60.34 Decrease3.39
  First party
Leader None
Party Nonpartisan
Last election 0
Seats won 1
Seat change Increase1
Popular vote 86,113
Percentage 100%
Swing Increase

General elections were held in Islamabad Capital Territory on Monday, 25 February 1985 to elect 1 member of National Assembly of Pakistan from Islamabad. Independent politician M. Nawaz Khokhar won Islamabad seat.


Total no of 16 Candidates contested for 1 National Assembly Seat from Islamabad.


M Nawaz Khokhar won the seat by obtaining 18,391 votes. His nearest rival Zafar Ali Shah got only 16,190 votes.[1]


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