1973 Women's College World Series

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The 1973 Women's College World Series was contested among 16 teams on May 17-20 in Omaha, Nebraska. It was the first series held under the auspices of the AIAW, which had recently been established by the Division of Girls' and Women's Sports (DGWS) for the purpose of conducting national championships.


The double-elimination tournament included these teams:

  • Arizona State
  • Ball State (Indiana)
  • Iowa State
  • Illinois State
  • Kansas
  • Michigan State
  • Nebraska–Omaha
  • North Dakota State
  • Northern Colorado
  • Northern Iowa
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota State
  • Southwest Missouri State
  • Wayne State College (Nebraska)
  • Weber State College (Utah)
  • Western Illinois

Arizona State won its second consecutive WCWS championship, splitting the final two games with Illinois State, including the marathon final game that went 16 innings. Margie Wright pitched all 16 innings in that game for the Redbirds as they narrowly fell to Arizona State, 4-3. On the day of that final, Wright hurled 30 innings in three games. Ironically, for pitching too many innings in one day, a three-woman Illinois sports commission suspended her from pitching in any game in her upcoming senior season and also banned the softball team from post-season play in 1974.[1]: 23–24 


Upper round 1Upper round 2Upper round 3Upper finalFinal
Arizona State4
Western Illinois2
Arizona State9
Northern Colorado1
Northern ColoradoW
North Dakota StateL
Arizona State1
Weber State2
Weber StateW
South CarolinaL
Arizona State9
Illinois State2
Illinois State2
Iowa State1
Illinois State10
Wayne State0
Wayne State3
South Dakota State1
Illinois State5
Southwest Missouri State1
Michigan StateW
Northern IowaL
Michigan State2Arizona State04[c]
Southwest Missouri State7Illinois State43
Southwest Missouri12
Ball State0
Lower round 1Lower round 2Lower round 3Lower round 4Lower round 5Lower final
Northern IowaW
Northern Colorado2
Ball State3Weber StateL
Northern ColoradoWKansas1
Northern Iowa7
Northern IowaLSouthwest Missouri State1
South Dakota State1
Northern Colorado1Illinois State5
South Dakota State7Northern Colorado5
Southwest Missouri State5
Iowa State4
Western Illinois2
Nebraska–Omaha8Michigan State6
Nebraska–Omaha1Southwest Missouri State[b]3
South Carolina4
Western Illinois3
Western Illinois14
Western Illinois5Wayne State4
North Dakota State0

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  1. ^ 9 innings
  2. ^ 10 innings
  3. ^ 16 innings


Place School WCWS Record
1st Arizona State 5-1
2nd Illinois State 5-2
3rd Southwest Missouri State 4-2
4th Western Illinois 4-2
5th Northern Colorado 3-2
6th Kansas 2-2
7th Northern Iowa 2-2
Nebraska–Omaha 2-2
9th South Dakota State 1-2
Weber State College 1-2
Michigan State 1-2
Wayne State College 1-2
13th Iowa State 0-2
Ball State 0-2
South Carolina 0-2
North Dakota State 0-2

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