1788–1789 United States House of Representatives election in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire law required a winning candidate to receive votes from a majority of voters (16.7% of votes). No candidate won such a majority on the first ballot, so a second ballot was held February 2, 1789.

District Result Candidates
New Hampshire at-large
3 seats on a general ticket
Pro-Administration win.
First place winner chose not to serve before the start of the Congress.
A special election was held June 22, 1789.
First ballot (December 15, 1788):
Benjamin West (Pro-Administration) 15.4%
Samuel Livermore (Anti-Administration) 14.6%
Paine Wingate (Pro-Administration) 13.4%
Abiel Foster (Pro-Administration) 8.0%
John Sullivan 7.1%
Nicholas Gilman (Pro-Administration) 5.6%
Joshua Atherton 5.2%
Nathaniel Peabody 5.1%
Peirse Long 4.4%
Benjamin Bellows 3.4%
Others 17.9%

Second ballot (February 2, 1789):
Green tickY Benjamin West (Pro-Administration) 33.0%
Green tickY Samuel Livermore (Anti-Administration) 26.2%
Green tickY Nicholas Gilman (Pro-Administration) 19.5%
Abiel Foster (Pro-Administration) 19.5%
John Sullivan 1.9%
Anti-Administration win.
Pro-Administration win.

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