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Ư (lowercase ư) is one of the 12 Vietnamese language vowels. It is pronounced [ɨ].

As with most special Vietnamese letters, this letter is not well-supported by fonts and is often typed as either u+ or u*. The VIQR standard is u+.

Because Vietnamese is a tonal language this letter may optionally have any one of the 5 tonal symbols above or below it.

  • Ừ ừ
  • Ứ ứ
  • Ữ ữ
  • Ự ự

Character mappings[edit]

Charset Unicode VISCII
Majuscule Ư U+01AF BF
Minuscule ư U+01B0 DF
Majuscule Ừ U+1EEA BB
Minuscule ừ U+1EEB D7
Majuscule Ứ U+1EE8 BA
Minuscule ứ U+1EE9 D1
Majuscule Ử U+1EEC BC
Minuscule ử U+1EED D8
Majuscule Ữ U+1EEE FF
Minuscule ữ U+1EEF E6
Majuscule Ự U+1EF0 B9
Minuscule ự U+1EF1 F1

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